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Virtual Reality has never been this easy and affordable. Experience virtual reality on your smartphone with Africard, the low-cost solution. Our viewing devices come fully assembled with a protective sleeve. Using only your smartphone (either Apple or Android) and a simple cardboard headset, Africard...


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Virtual Reality has never been this easy and affordable. Experience virtual reality on your smartphone with Africard, the low-cost solution. Our viewing devices come fully assembled with a protective sleeve. Using only your smartphone (either Apple or Android) and a simple cardboard headset, Africard has more than enough oomph to render a compelling virtual reality experience.

Africard gives everyone with a smartphone the ability to watch VR right now - for less than the price of a cinema ticket & popcorn, and gives everyone with a smartphone the ability to have mobile access to VR content curated on our site.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Hundreds of VR apps to choose from
  • Works with both iPhone and Android phones (see compatible phones list below)
  • Clever design inspired by Google Cardboard version 2

With a clever design inspired by Google Cardboard version 2, the Africard headset has a built in selector button. A foam button mounted on the top of the viewer is the new and improved selector switch.

Apps :

  • YouTube lets you watch a selection of YouTube videos on a simulated theater screen.
  • Street View lets you wander around in a VR version of, you guessed it, street view.
  • Exhibit lets you look at a few 3D recreations of objects.
  • Earth Flyover lets you zoom around a city in Google Earth. Push the "button" to start flying forward, push it again to stop.
  • Photo Sphere Viewer lets you see your own photographs using Android's built-in 360 Degrees panoramic feature.
  • Windy Day is a cute, cartoony environment where you can watch animals sneak around as leaves fall.
  • Tour Guide has you explore the Palace of Versailles.


How do I use it?

Download and launch any mobile VR app before sliding your smartphone into your Cardboard Headset. That's it!

Also, different mobile VR apps usually provide various methods for inputting user commands without taking your smartphone out of the VR Headset.

Some will work by triggering the magnet, while others like the Google Cardboard App let you return to the home screen by tilting your VR Headset 90-degrees to the right.

What Kind Of Lenses Do you Use?

Our Original headsets use 45mm biconvex lenses.

Multiple rounds of testing different lenses with optometrists concluded that our acrylic 45mm Asymmetrical Biconvex Lenses provided the highest-quality VR experience.

Can I Use my tablet with this?

No, not at this time.

Does my smartphone need to be plugged in for this to work?

Nope! That is the seamless beauty of mobile VR.

What is the largest size smartphone that will fit?

Our Africard Original headset will fit most smartphones with screen sizes up to 6 inches.

Will my Smartphone work with this?

All phones running Jelly Bean 4.1 or newer can run the Google Cardboard App from the Google Play Store.

However, the magnetic double-clicking will not work on some phones.

iPhone users can also get in on the fun with an Africard Buffalo. The range of apps is little more limited for iOS devices but is expanding all the time.

iOS devices are unable to use the magnetic button on the side of the device but the apps take this into account and use other actions for selecting things and moving around such as moving your head in a certain way or sometimes even shouting "SHOOT!". It's all great fun! Check africard.tv for a list of compatible smartphones for each size headset.

Will the magnet break my smartphone?

No, the magnets actually assist in the functionality of the device. The magnets are used to make selections while the Africard VR headset is in use.

It looks Blurry, what do I do?

The lenses are designed to be used with 20/20 vision. Please make sure you are wearing your glasses or contacts. If it is still blurry, gently wipe the lenses with a soft cloth. Do not use strong detergents as this can damage the surface of the lenses and cause cloudiness.

There may be slight blur around the very edge of the lenses due to the curve, but that will be minimal. 45mm lenses will have much less blur around the edges than lesser focal length lenses sold by many other suppliers.

Also, if you have a screen protector on please remove it. Many times the screen protector is what will cause blur.

If you've tried the suggestions above and believe the blurriness is due to a defect in our product, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you!

My phone slipped out and broke, will you pay for it?

No. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of our products. So be careful if you start passing it around the party!

We also include a #32 rubber band with all our headsets specifically as a safety measure for keeping your smartphone from sliding out.

  • Compatible Devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (n7000)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+
  • LG/Google Nexus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100)
  • Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300)
  • Samsung Galaxy R (i9103)
  • Samsung Google Nexus S (i9020)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One X
  • Huawei Ascend P1
  • Huawei Ascend X (U9000)
  • Huawei Honor (U8860)
  • LG Nitro HD (P930)
  • LG/Google Nexus 4
  • LG Optimus 2x (P990)
  • LG Optimus 3D (P920)
  • LG Optimus Black (P970)
  • LG Optimus G
  • Motorola Moto G 2014
  • Motorola Moto X 2014
  • Sony Xperia P (LT22i)
  • Sony Xperia S (LT26i)
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Sony Xperia Z
  • Amazon fire

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