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23 Insanely Cool Gifts for Guys


Shopping for guys is tough. There’s only so many things that will make them truly happy and fulfilled come 2016. Luckily we know just where to find insanely cool gifts for guys.

23 insanely awesome gifts for guys

1. The Ultimate League of Beers Brand Box

You know how gran knits the whole family matching sweaters every Christmas? Well, this is sort of like that except none of it’s ugly. Feel part of the family with the League of Beers Brand Box.

2. Gropener

One. Handed. Bottle. Opener. Think of all the stuff you could do with your free hand if you had this cool bottle opener? You could start sudoku or something.

3. Mode Fridge Monkey

Honestly, it’s 2015. Why are beers still having to fight with milk for fridge space? This clever little gadget brings the ‘cold wars’ to an end.


4. Beerguevara Homebrew Kit

There’s nothing more rewarding than drinking a beer you made yourself. Think of it as a fun hobby like scrapbooking but without having to actually scrapbook.

5. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

For that one time you might not feel like a beer (special occasions like winning the World Cup, birth of a first born, that sort of thing) you should be drinking whisky. And this is the only way you should be drinking it.

6. The Craft Beer Lovers Gift Box

The ultimate gift box for the craft beer lovers. Packed with the best of the best in beer and snacks – everything you need to enjoy a great beer drinking experience.


7. Unzip Magnetic Bottle Opener

A giant bottle opener that also makes your fridge look like it’s got a giant zipper. Don’t over think it.

8. Beer Bread Gift Box

Despite what some banters might say, the only problem with bread is that sometimes it doesn’t have beer in it. Luckily this gift box solves that problem.

9. League of Beers Glasses

You know what’s great? Good beer. You know what’s even better? Good beer in great glasses. Host your own #TastingLeague and pretend you were sponsored to impress your friends.


10. Key Bottle Opener

Are you wanting to carry a bottle opener without looking like the sort of person who always carries a bottle opener? Well then this is the opener for you. Disguised as a key, it says “I’m here to open doors (but also beers).”

11. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Soap

Some drinks will put hair on your chest, beer will put it everywhere. Take care of your ‘beer’d with this essential oil goldmine of a beard soap. Be Fancy.

12. League of Beers Braai Tongs

Have you ever noticed how people pick up the tongs and always give them a quick double snap to make sure they still work? Well, we did that to all of these great tongs and they still work.


13. Flaming Tiger Sriracha Sauce

Not your average hot sauce this one. For the ideal topping for any meal, this wild chilli sauce will give you even more reason to quench every meal with beer. Not that you needed another reason.

14. Aquapac Mini Phone Cover

For those times when a pub crawl actually turns into a crawl. Or for when pool cricket calls for a risky last minute dive into the pool. This way your phone will be fine and you’ll have the rad story.

15. Bowler Hat Colander

Apparently as an ‘adult’ you need to have things to ‘cook’. We say if you have to own a colander, it might as well be shaped like an old-timey bowler hat. Might as well.


16. Trendy Bendy Arm Tray

For when you want to rest your beer on the arm of the couch but it’s too ‘couchy’, it turns any armrest into a tray – the ideal spot for a beer to rest.

17. League of Beers Mixed Case

Let’s not pretend that Christmas isn’t 35 degrees in the shade and you couldn’t use a selection of great refreshment. (But don’t put this gift under the tree, this one’s better left in the fridge.)

18. Space Coaster DIY Rollercoaster

Remember when you were a kid and your parents said no to more toys and you vowed to be the sort of adult who bought all the toys? Well, even if you didn’t this is a hella fun way to feel like a kid again.


19. League of Beers Trucker Cap

The official League Of Beers Cap. Ideal if you’re looking for something that says, “I enjoy beer… and also hats as well.”

20. Ostrich Pillow

For every Saturday night there is a Sunday morning (or Monday if you’ve entered the age of the two day hangover). And for those Sunday mornings when you just need to bury your head for a few hours, this is the pillow for that.

21. Beer Belt

You’re at a braai. “Can I get anyone a beer?” you ask. “Yea”. “Thanks.” “Me too.” Next thing you know you’ve got to carry six beers back. Do you carry them in on a tray or do you carry your beers on your belt like the damn beautiful McGuyver you are?


22. Aquasound Speakers

Ok, officially these waterproof speakers are for outdoorsy situations but we’re not going to stop you from singing Adele in the shower.

23. Beer Pong Kit

Everything you need for an epic game of beer pong. Or everything you need to help your brother-in-law to lighten up this Christmas.

May these gifts or anything in our #GiftBeer selection inspire you to be better this Christmas. Really, no one likes soap on a rope. Hope it’s a lekker SA Christmas, beer lovers.

Products sourced from League of Beers, and Mantality.


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