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BSN Nitrix Nitric Oxide

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Volumizes muscle tissue for all-day vascularity, pumps, tone, hardnessPromotes tissue recovery, repair, and enduranceReduces muscle/joint pain and stiffnessSupports maximal Nitric Oxide (NO) levelsUsed by models, bodybuilders to bring out shape and vascularity...


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  • Volumizes muscle tissue for all-day vascularity, pumps, tone, hardness
  • Promotes tissue recovery, repair, and endurance
  • Reduces muscle/joint pain and stiffness
  • Supports maximal Nitric Oxide (NO) levels
  • Used by models, bodybuilders to bring out shape and vascularity before photo shoots
Advanced Vaso-Muscular Volumizer Promotes A Full Body Pump!The New Muscle Enhancing Phenomenon That Will Change A Generation! Nitrix has just tapped into one of the most powerful muscle building phenomenons discovered to date. This newly generated class of supplementation utilizes the breakthrough molecule NO (recently awarded The Noble Prize in 1998) to help promote new growth and visually alter your body. The Nitrix induced transformation is going to change a generation; most importantly, this ground-breaking new product is NON-HORMONAL!

What To Expect From Nitrix!

Week 1 - Your Body Is In A NO Loading Phase, Prepare Yourself For What Is About To Take Place! You will start to experience the initial signs of your "muscle swelling" full body pumps! You will also notice the beginning stages of an increase in your strength, recuperation and endurance.

Week 2 - Nitrix Has Just Turned On The Transformation Switch! At some point in week 2 the NO switch flips on. You will really start to see and feel the power of the Nitrix induced transformation. During week 2 your strength, recuperation and endurance should noticeably increase. Your muscles will also become visibly fuller and much harder and you may also start to experience an increase in "male" size and performance.

Week 3 - The Metamorphosis Has Begun And It Only Gets Better From Here! You will feel your skin tightening around your muscles and your vascularity will become exaggerated (almost freakish). You should now be experiencing rock hard, full body pumps that last all day long. Your recuperation will seem almost immediate and your strength and endurance should skyrocket. Your gains in lean mass should be unmistakable when you step on the scale and at this point everyone in the gym will be asking what you are taking.

Week 4 - And Beyond - Everyday You Look In The Mirror You Should Notice A New, More Muscular Physique. You should now be achieving new levels in lean mass, muscularity, and density that many people only reach after years of heavy lifting! If you think this is good, hang on; the Nitrix transformation still has a long way to go!

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This did actually do what it says on the label. After only a few days of strict regimented usage, I noticed the vein running along my biceps actually swelled as well as I much tighter, fuller feeling throughout, plus greater surge of power when doing muscle concentrated excercises such as the bicep curl. I could almost feel the fibres in my biceps contracting with every curl - brilliant. Other benefits included strength gains and greater motivation to push harder and heavier. Plus I also noticed my - ahem - 'manliness' appearing fuller and bigger! So all round a really good product with noticeable effects early on. Highly recommended!


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BSN Nitrix from Mantality

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