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Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Quadcopter - All New Elite Edition

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Easily controlled by Wi-Fi using a Smartphone or Tablet, the latest Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition collection offers enthusiasts a choice of three classic camouflaged styles comprising sand, snow or jungle liveries, inspired by desert, arctic and rain forest landscapes. Each individual product is supplied...


Price in points: 49950 points
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Sand Jungle Snow

Take off with the AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition from Parrot! This quadricopter is controlled intuitively using a smartphone or tablet. Enjoy a unique flying experience! View the Earth from above, in high definition, and share your experience with 

other AR Drone pilots all around the world.

Easily controlled by Wi-Fi using a Smartphone or Tablet, the latest Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition collection offers enthusiasts a choice of three classic camouflaged styles comprising sand, snow or jungle liveries, inspired by desert, arctic and rain forest landscapes.
Each individual product is supplied attractively packaged in its own specially designed printed carton with a distinctive indoor and outdoor hull, plus one pair of black propellers and another customised pair of propellers to compliment the colour scheme.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Box Contents:

The exclusive Elite Edition packaging includes one 1000mAh lithium polymer battery to provide up to twelve minutes of flying time, plus a convenient mains charger with international adaptors. Featuring a high definition camera with a video recording facility, plus flight data sharing, a patented piloting mode, and an innovative pressure sensor for increased stability at any altitude, Parrot's amazing AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition quadricopter can even perform four axis flips on command!


  • 3 Classic Camouflaged colours
  • High definition camera with video recording facility
  • Performs four axis flips on command

Record and Share in HD:

  • As you fly, the HD video is recorded and sent directly to your device. With one click, upload your video from the user-friendly interface seamlessly to YouTube or share your pictures on Picasa. With the new piloting application, everything is simple and done wirelessly in an instant. For pilots looking to shoot longer videos, a USB plug-in has been added for larger recording storage.


  • Download AR.FreeFlight 2.0, the free control application, on the App Store or Google Play and you are ready to fly! By tilting your device, you control the direction of your AR.Drone 2.0, and by releasing it, the AR.Drone 2.0 is
    instantly stabilized.*

Pilot Like a Pro:

  • Thanks to the autopilot feature on the AR.Drone 2.0, anyone can be an expert as the embedded sensors allow for easy take-off and landing. The new AR.Drone 2.0 also features the exclusive and patented Absolute Control* piloting mode for beginners that can be adjusted with your growing

Join a community of Pilots:

  • Keep track of your flight data, location, photos and videos and share them with a community of other pilots from all over the world thanks to the AR.Drone Academy. Check who is flying in your neighborhood or watch
    videos from pilots at the other end of the world!

Explore More:

  • With the new AR.Drone 2.0-generated Wi-Fi® n Connection, you can fly as far as 165 feet away. The AR.Drone 2.0 pressure sensors on-board provide unique stability that will automatically correct and maintain a still position in the air regardless of altitude and wind up to 15 m/h.


  • This flip move is exclusive to AR.Drone 2.0! Become a daring pilot and perform barrel rolls by simply hitting a button.

HD Video Recording:

  • Get high definition live video streaming to your Smartphone or tablet during flight. See a clean, sharp image just as if you were in the pilot seat.
  • HD Camera: 720p 30fps
  • Wide angle lens : 92° diagonal
  • Video storage on the fly with
  • Wi-Fi®directly on your remote, device or on a USB Key
  • H264 encoding base profile
  • Low latency streaming
  • JPEG photo capture

Robust Structure:

  • Trying your most daring tricks won't even challenge this cutting edge design which is made to last.
  • Foam to isolate the inertial center from the engines' vibrations
  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) hulls
  • Carbon fiber tubes : Total weight 380g with outdoor hull, 420g with indoor hull
  • High grade 30% fiber charged nylon plastic parts
  • Liquid Repellent Nano-Coating on ultrasound sensors
  • Fully reparable: All parts and instructions for repairing available on Parrot Website


  • Fly high. Fly fast.
  • 3 elements 1.000 mA/H LiPo rechargeable battery
  • Specific high propelled drag for great maneuverability
  • 8 MIPS AVR CPU per motor controller
  • 4 brushless inrunner motors.
  • 14.5 watt and 28 500 rpm when hovering
  • Self-lubricating bronze bearings
  • Tempered steel propeller shafts
  • Low noise Nylatron gears for
  • 8.625 propeller reductor
  • Micro ball bearing
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Emergency stop controlled by software
  • Fully reprogrammable motor controller
  • Water resistant motor's electronic controller

Electronic Assistance:

  • AR.Drone 2.0's on-board technology gives you precision control and automatic stabilization features.
  • 1GHz 32 bit ARM Cortex A8 processor with 800MHz video
    DSP TMS320DMC64x
  • 1Gbit DDR2 RAM at 200MHz
  • Wi-Fi®b/g/n
  • 3 axis accelerometer +/- 50mg precision
  • 3 axis gyroscope 2000°/second precision
  • Pressure sensor +/- 10 Pa precision (80 cm / 2.6 feet at sea level)
  • 60 fps vertical QVGA camera for ground speed measurement
  • 3 axis magnetometer 6° precision
  • Ultrasound sensors for ground altitude measurement
  • Linux 2.6.32
  • USB 2.0 high speed for extensions

Do I need a license to fly this Drone in South Africa?

In line with regulations if it's for personal/hobby use, then the short answer is no you don't need a license as it's considered a personal RPAS (Remotely piloted Aircraft System). 

Under the new regulations Hobby Pilots:

  • Do not need an RPL (Remote Pilots Licence).
  • Do not need to register their RPAS aircraft.
  • Do not need Ops Manual, ROC, RLA, etc.
  • Do not need air services licence.
  • Can fly RPAS up to 7kg weight.
  • Can fly at night (previous not allowed for any RC aircraft).
  • Can fly up to the height of the highest object in 300m of the drone (or up to a max of 400 feet, whichever is the lower of the 2).
  • Can fly up to 500m away from the pilot, while maintaining direct line of sight (RVLOS).
  • Need to keep more than 50m from people.
  • Need to keep more than 50m from roads.
  • Need to keep more than 50m from buildings.
  • Need to keep more than 10km from an aerodrome (airport or airstrip).
  • May not fly in No Fly Zones.
  • Do not need a handheld Fire Extinguisher.
  • Do not need a First Aid Kit.

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Ships in 24Hrs
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Specifications (?)

  • iPhone®
  • iPad
  • Samsung S series
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • WiFi
  • GPS


  • Watch video

Civil Aviation Guidelines (RPAS_brochure_forDrones.pdf, 3,103 Kb) [Download]

For any queries about our Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Quadcopter - All New Elite Edition use the form below to pop us a quick email. Normal response time during business hours is 10-60 mins. If you would like to contact us via telephone please dial (011) 462 5482. Or tweet us at @MantalityZA

This is a gadget/hobby you need. It's very easy to use (via iPhone/iPad - or Android) and flies beautifully. In no time you'll be mastering the incredible device.

The added benefit of a HD camera means you can see/film your flights (of fancy).

The AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition is an impressive piece of kit and compared to cheaper radio-controlled helicopters/quadcopters it is actually easy to use.

Once out of the box and once you have downloaded the software from your app store of choice (I was using an iPad) you just need to connect to the drone via WiFi and fire up the free flight mode.

I found a nice piece of open ground just to be sure and once I hit the Take Off button the rotors spun up and the drone was hovering mid-air without a care in the world.

Control is easy once you get the hang of it and if you think things are getting out of hand just taking your thumb off the virtual joystick and it goes back into hover mode.

The Elite Edition has added 720p recording and direct recording to USB. The USB recording saves battery life and lets you record as much as you can fit on your chosen capacity of USB drive.

Battery life is really the only downfall and even though it boasts 12 minutes of flight time I found it to be closer to 10 minutes in the best case scenario and five minutes in the worst.

The trick is to buy a few extra batteries which, at R500 a pop, aren’t all that expensive compared to the cost of the whole unit.

I found that my suburban garden was a little cramped for it so I would suggest heading to a park to stretch the AR drone’s legs.

nice product and easy to fly better the the parrot drone 1
and Handel nice in the wind very good and stable

I bought the Ar Drone 2.0 after having flown the ARdrone 1.0 for some time. I was a little hesitant but shouldnt have been as the 2.0 is so much better and has many improvements. It is much more stable to fly and the hover is rock solid. The picture quality on the new 720P HD camera is so much better.

Control is much more crisp and precise than before, making it much easier to fly.

I am relearning and gaining confidence and cant wait to try using the new director mood to make some fun movie shots. The onboard USB port is a big improvement as now you can record directy to USB stick.

Going to have to buy more batteries including the new higher capacity ones as this new 2.0 unit makes we want to fly more often.

All in all a great improvement from the previous version

Product video:

AR Drone 2.0 Quadrocopter from Mantality

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