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Parrot Mini Kit Neo

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At first glance, the Minikit Neo isn't much different from the previous generations of Parrot's visor-mount Bluetooth speakerphones. The Neo has a smaller footprint than the previous Minikits that I've tested, measuring 3.70 inches long by 2.12 inches wide by 1.53 inches thick. At only 2.43 ounces, its weight is on...


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At first glance, the Minikit Neo isn't much different from the previous generations of Parrot's visor-mount Bluetooth speakerphones. The Neo has a smaller footprint than the previous Minikits that I've tested, measuring 3.70 inches long by 2.12 inches wide by 1.53 inches thick. At only 2.43 ounces, its weight is on par with its predecessors.

However, where the Minikit Slim and the Minikit+ used a thin, wire arm to hold to your vehicle's sun visor, the Minikit Neo uses a thick plastic grip. Viewed from the side, it appears that the Neo is formed of a single smoothly curved piece of plastic, but the plastic arm is actually separated from the main body with a flexible hinge. There's not a tremendous range of motion allowed by that hinge, but the Minikit Neo is able to grip visors up to about 0.75 inch thick and hold strongly.

The control scheme of the Minikit Neo is familiar to the Minikit line. There's a button marked with a green LED that is used to answer incoming calls, call a contact from the phone book, and initiate voice recognition. Mirroring this is a button marked with a red LED that is used to end calls and exit menus. Between them is a rotary knob that can be pushed to enter the Minikit's audible menu of spoken options, rotated to cycle through those options and adjust the volume of the current call.

What appears to simply be blank space on the unit's face is a 3-watt NXT vibrating panel speaker, and on the leading edge of the unit, just ahead of the rotary knob, is a multidirectional noise-canceling microphone. Digital signal processing (DSP) helps the microphone to reduce echo and road noise. Audio quality from the NXT speaker is good, but with its limited bass output, I wouldn't use it for music, this is a speaker that's best used for voice only. On the other hand, Parrot's microphone and DSP continue to be among the best in the business.

On either side of the unit you'll find a Micro-USB port that is used for charging and software updates and a three-position power switch with stops for off, on, and battery level. Pushing the switch to the battery level position causes the Minikit Neo to speak the current charge state of its 1,000 mAh battery aloud.

The unit makes the most of that battery with a vibration sensor and ultralow-power mode. When the unit goes unused and unpaired for a period, it powers down into an ultralow-power mode, a sort of deep-sleep mode that it can maintain for up to six months on a full charge. When you get back into your car, the unit detects the vibrations of the vehicle shifting and the door opening/closing and powers back up to automatically re-pair with the last device. Parrot estimates the talk time at up to 10 hours from a 3-hour charge. Also in the box, along with the Minikit Neo itself, are a USB-to-Micro-USB cable, a 12-volt USB charger, and a printed quick-start guidebook.


  • 3.70Inches long and 2.12 inches wide
  • Thick plastic grip
  • NXT vibrating panel speaker
  • Micro USB port
  • 10 hours talk time

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If you’re looking at buying a Bluetooth hands-free kit, there’s a few that can beat the Minikit Neo. It is elegantly designed and perfectly sized, super thin, highly flexible to fit most sunvisors, and highly portable so you can easily move it from vehicle to vehicle.

It features 4 easy to use buttons, namely a scroll wheel, an answer button, a cancel button, and a power button which doubles up as a voice battery level indicator. The scroll button allows you to access the easy to use Phone book, as well as change settings. The device features a very pleasant voice feedback that manages to read out even some of the most complicated names without problem. The Voice recognition feature is also very functional and does not need to be pre-programmed in order to recognize and dial contacts in your phone book. It also can be connected to two devices at the same time, unlike most devices on the market.

With an Excellent battery life of 10h of talk time and up to 6 months of standby time it will not leave you in the dark, my unit after a week of use had not even lost 10% its charge. An included feature on the device is a vibration sensor that will automatically switch on the device when you climb into your vehicle reducing battery usage even more.

There is also a downloadable, easy to use app that adds more features to the device. Sound quality is really great too, especially for a device that features no visible speakers.

Overall I am extremely happy with this device, Once you start using it you will quickly feel that this device was not built by someone that simply wants to supply a consumer required Bluetooth car kit, but rather it feels like the designer of this feature packed device actually put the effort and research into the device, and produced a device that they were very proud to have built. In fact I have chosen to use it over my Vehicles built in Bluetooth system.


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