AndroMedical AndroPenis® Gold Extender

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The AndroMedical AndroPenis® Gold Penis Enlargement Traction System uses the scientific fact that the human body is cleverly engineered to adapt under pressure. The penis traction device by AndroMedical - The AndroPenis® - uses this amazing ability to your advantage. By applying a constant traction over the length of the penis for permanent results with the AndroMedical AndroPenis® Enlargement Device!

The AndroMedical AndroPenis® Gold Penis Enlargement Traction System is based on the principle of traction and not only is medically recognized for its effectiveness but even is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device by the European Health Authorities and is prescribed daily by Urologists in over 29 countries worldwide.

The AndroMedical AndroPenis® Gold Penis Enlargement Traction System is the "souped up" version of the Original AndroPenis® medical device for penis enlargement.

The AndroMedical AndroPenis® Gold has been selected by our Fitzz Review Team because of both its clinically proven effectiveness and its quality. The AndroPenis® is composed of a high quality plastic ring connected to two dynamic gold plated metal rods, a plastic support and a silicone band that holds the glans in place during the penis enlargement therapy. There are numerous manufacturers of penis enlargement devices but our review finds the AndroPenis® Penis Extender to be the premium product available and their exhaustive medical studies offer our customers the confidence that this ISO:13485 standard penis enlargement device is the one to choose.

Package contents:

  • AndroPenis® Gold penis enlargement device
  • Androcomfort bands: 2 units
  • Androtop for Androcomfort: 2 units
  • Androring: 2 units
  • Instructions CD in 27 languages (use on PC)
  • Androsilicone: 2 units
  • Androshafts: 24k gold
  • Instruction booklet (12 languages)
  • Quick guide
  • Wooden case: 1 unit

Uses your body's own natural processes to enlarge penile tissue

This device has been designed in Europe and its extreme popularity is now hitting the USA and the rest of the world. It can be easily worn and taken off. It is very discreet and comfortable. You can wear it while walking, sitting, standing, and so on.

Traction used to generate cellular multiplication is not a new technique but has been used for thousands of years and is used in modern medicine regularly. This technique is simply now available for men!


  • Andromedical® is a globally trusted penis enlarger brand
  • An increase in the total number of cells.
  • Permanent lengthening of the penis of 2 to 4 inches
  • Thickening of 1 to 3 inches in girth.
  • Correction of 70% in penile deviations or curvatures.
  • Totally safe for the erectile and orgasmic function.
  • The metal shafts of AndroPenis® gold are made of nickel covered with a layer of 24 carat gold.
  • The metal shafts of Androextender are made of surgical aluminum.

Live medical telephone support. SA helpline # will be given for all AndroMedical products once bought.

Suggested use:

Your penis size must be at least 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection to begin with.

AndroPenis® must be used with the penis in a flaccid state. The device can be used 4 or 9 hours a day, taking a break when needed. Results are visible after the first and a half month of treatment.

At the beginning you will notice a slight thickening of the penis and then a growth in length that will be mostly evident in the flaccid state and later on in erection.

You will obtain an estimated growth of up to 0.2 inches (0,5 cm) per month. These results are accumulative and once you have finalized the treatment, the results are permanent.

It can be easily worn and taken off. It is very discreet and comfortable and may be worn while walking, sitting and standing.

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