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5 Foreplay Skills You Need to Hone in Order to Make Her Moan


If you really want to spice up your sex life, here are 5 foreplay skills you to need to hone in order to make her moan. Let’s assume the kissing and groping is over and it’s time to move onto the heavy stuff. Oh how everybody loves the heavy stuff.

1. Give Her The Finger

This has to do with the delicate art of fingering. Guys, think about the anatomy of the vagina before jamming your fingers in there. Fingering means playing with all the parts not just the opening or simply shoving your whole paw in there. Spend time with the clit, lips, and perineum as well as the actual opening – the clit has far more nerve endings than any other part of her anatomy so pay it special attention. To turn her on, go easy, don’t act like a giddy school boy just eager for some “fish fingers”! Warm up the oven nicely (and thoroughly), before even thinking about putting your “swiss roll” in there.

2. Tongue Action

If you want to make her orgasm, lots of oral will help for sure. Learn how to lick and lick well. A lot of clitoral stimulation is important here and will be a real turn on to her. Make sure you hit all parts of the anatomy of her vagina for massive turn on appeal. Here’s a tip, if you hear her moaning escalate, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing – this is key. Also checkout The 7 Essential Tips To Giving Her Mind Blowing Oral Pleasure

3. Use Your Ears

Not in the literal sense here fellas – that would just be weird (or incredibly kinky). Listen to her! I ask you, who knows the anatomy of her vagina better than her? She can give you step by step instructions on how to turn her on. Don’t act like you know everything, because you don’t! Follow her lead, besides turning her on physically, it will give her a psychological charge as well – and she’ll appreciate you that much more for asking. Let’s face it boys, chicks are more cerebral than us men, they like the mental foreplay almost as much as the physical. Who knew? You …. Well now you do.

4/5. Give Her The Finger As Well as The Tongue

Four and five of the 5 foreplay skills you need to hone in order to make her moan involve fingering once again and masterful tongue action. However, in four it should be used in conjunction with your tongue while you are going down on her. Your fingering technique in this situation is very important. A good plan is to follow your tongue with your fingers and her orgasm will come a lot easier and more intensely with this method. Focus on tickling her clit with your tongue whilst penetrating her with your middle and pointer finger. Get this combination right and you’ll notice her starting to gyrate, and grind her hips. Pay attention to her breathing to ensure you’re going at the right pace. Remember this is going to take a few solid minutes (even more with a couple of cocktails in her) of constantly lapping at her clit, so slow and steady is best. Go for the stamina medal here champ!

Finally, add to your fingering technique a little exploration of her anus, this kind of foreplay can be highly erotic and well received – but make sure to “introduce” this slowly though to ensure she wants some lad poking about in her anus (as some don’t). Perfecting these moves will mean all the difference and tout you as a foreplay genius.

Now go forth and play, “foreplay” that is.


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