5 Gadget Must Haves for Men


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If there’s one thing women find hard to understand about men, apart from why we grab our balls so much, it’s the unconditional love of gadgets. They don’t seem to realise that without the need to pick something up and find out what it does there would be no fire. There would also be no weaponry, no tools and, by logical extension, no shoes. Despite this, there’ll be no gratitude the next time you’re gently caressing a 3D-TV, so why not make life a little easier with one of these miracles?


The Apple iPad is a device of such beauty and usefulness that it can only be a matter of time before the first guy marries one. In a way, it is very much like a wife because you instinctively know where to put your finger, and it won’t let you watch certain videos. The only flaw in the gorgeous design is the lack of a physical keyboard, so iPazzPort have come up with a handheld Bluetooth version. Not only does it make typing a breeze, but also you no longer have to be hunched over like a wanking chimp.


Now you’ve got the iPad2, this has to be the next purchase. As inventions go, the Slingbox is up there with beer and girls. Simply plug one end into your home entertainment system and the other into the Internet. A quick squirt of software later, and you’ll be able to stream DSTV straight to your WiFi-connected media device, whether you’re in the garden or Grenada.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the PS3 or the Xbox, if you need to be told to buy one then maybe this isn’t the website for you!


To be honest, beer tastes good whichever format it comes in. However, if you want to take the classy route to alcoholism, nothing can beat a chilled dispenser like the Kegerator. Imagine being able to pull a glass of ice-cold beer whenever you want, and then imagine how many more friends you’ll have. Luxury like this doesn’t come cheap, though, and R5000 is a pricey in anyone’s language. If that’s too expensive, you can always try the Ultimate Beer Cooler. It’s not quite the same, but at least your drink won’t be warm seconds after taking it out of the fridge.


Despite being a male necessity, there are just too many full-size grills on the market to recommend a particular one. Suffice to say, you are not a proper man unless you have the ability to play with fire while stabbing your meat. Obviously, a three-ring burner is too bulky to fit in cabin baggage so, if you’re out and about, take the Grilliput and Firebowl along for the ride. They are ultra-portable and will even fit in your pocket.

What you do with the charcoal is up to you.


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