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Look Hot For Summer, 5 Killer Techniques To A Ripped Chest


A huge rippling pair of pectorals is what every man spends countless sweat filled and ego fuelled hours at the gym trying to achieve, it’s the one muscle group that separates the men from the boys and will have women weak at the knees from the mere sight of them.

Like any other muscle group make sure to give your pectorals adequate rest after training (at the very least 24 hours), as this is when the magic happens of growth and regeneration. Provided you are consuming enough protein (1 gram per Kg of body weight) along with a low fat intake, training each muscle group 3 non-consecutive days per week with plenty of rest in between, you should start to see some significant results after only a couple of weeks and be well on your way to having that head turning chest you’ve always dreamed of.

The following are a collection of highly effective and compound (using more than one muscle group) techniques to incorporate into your routine:

Incline Dumbbell Press
Muscles Worked: Pecs, shoulders
Sit on an incline bench with palms facing forward. Extend movement smoothly and straight above your chest. Slowly lower the weights by bending at the elbows until your arms are parallel with the floor. Don’t let weight wobble or sway. Keep a straight line up and down.Don’t raise your hips off the bench.

Bench Press
Muscles Worked: Pecs, triceps
Hold barbell at just over shoulder width apart. Lock movement at your elbows. Lower weight steadily into your chest hold for 1 count then push away, following a straight line. Don’t arch back.Don’t raise hips.Keep steady movement throughout.

Dumbbell Fly
Muscles Worked: Pecs, shoulders
Lie flat on your back and your feet flat on the floor.
Extend arms upward. Keep elbows slightly bent.
Lower your arms towards your sides until elbows are parallel to the floor. Hold for 1 count and then push back up to starting position. Don’t arch back.
Don’t raise hips.Don’t drop elbows below level of the bench as this will put strain on your shoulders.

Pulley Cable Cross-overs

Muscles Worked: Pecs, shoulders
Step away from machine far enough to raise weight stacks. Pull your arms upward, with palms facing downward. Keep arms parallel to shoulders. Don’t over stack weights.Keep a smooth motion throughout.

Military Style Clap Press-up
Muscles Worked: Pecs, shoulders, triceps
In the press-up position, thrust your upper body upwards so your hands lift off the ground. At this point bring hands together, clap and then resume press-up position. Slowly lower yourself back down to starting position. Hold for 1 count and then thrust upward for a second repetition. Keep body straightDifferent chest muscles can be worked based on how far apart your hands are placed.


Here are just a few great techniques that are guaranteed to put a bit of extra beef onto your chest, and having you looking great in that tshirt (or on the beach) this summer.


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