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5 Pickup and Lifestyle Websites That Will Skyrocket Your Success With Women


So you’ve just discovered “the community” either by chance, or by a self proclaimed commitment to get the area of meeting and attracting women buttoned down to a fine art. Whatever the reason, you now need to congratulate yourself for becoming aware of this shortcoming and taking the steps necessary to better and further develop yourself as a man who is confident in the realm of pickup and seduction.

You don’t need me to tell you that there is definitely no shortage of content out there (as well as junk), and I’m sure you’re a little daunted at the prospect of having to sift through the reams of pure junk out there. Well the following is a list (in no particular order) of some of the best and most valuable pickup and dating advice currently available online.

1. The Venusian Arts Blog

This blog is based on the pioneering system of pickup developed by arguably one of the most experienced pickup artists to walk our tiny planet, Erik von Markovik who is more affectionately known as Mystery.

Why I like it?

Mystery has developed a linear structure for pickup that gives the practice of seduction a logical structure, which makes it an easily learnable process for anyone – whether you’re geek or chic.

Visit the The Venusian Arts Blog.

2. The Seduction Chronicles

A highly informative blog dealing with pickup articles and news from around the community and all compiled and edited by Neil Strauss, who is better known as the greatest and (once believed) most unlikely student of pickup – Style.

Why I like it?

I particularly like Style’s approach as although it’s based on the (original) Mystery Method, he still interacts with warmth and sincerity.

Visit the The Seduction Chronicles.

3. The Bristol Lair

This has to be one of the biggest and best collaborative of content from the biggest names in the pickup community. Although largely based on The Mystery Method approach, you will find some insightful and downright incredible articles and content here.

Why I like it?

The sheer abundance of material found on this site will keep you busy for a good few months, plus all of it is tried and tested by all the big boys in the pickup community.

Visit The Bristol Lair

4. Becoming a PUA

Without doubt, one of the most comprehensive blogs out there with articles ranging from all topics, and written in a very personal and light hearted style. This is a definite must see.

Why I like it?

Concise, no bullshit pickup advice from some of the PUA greats. Also written in a very digestible and fun format.

Visit Becoming a PUA

5. Ask Men

Although this is quite a bulky men’s portal site, is does have some of the biggest talent and best writers that the American dollar can buy which means high super quality content on topics across the board – i.e. dating, money, fashion, lifestyle and much more. Plus the original “cocky funny” inventor David Deangelo (who is currently earning a cool $20 million per annum, according to one source) is one of the feature writers over there.

Why I like it?

It’s kind of like what Cosmopolitan magazine is for women, in that it deals with every aspect of the modern age man.

Visit Ask Men.

The aforementioned sites are some of the best sites out there for quality seduction, dating and pickup material with most of them written and maintained by acting PUA’s themselves.

So do yourself a favour and subscribe to their RSS feeds and on a daily basis merely take in bite sized nuggets of their indispensable and practical advice and soon you will see your game hit the roof (and beyond).


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