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The 7 Essential Tips To Giving Her Mind Blowing Oral Pleasure


Amazing cunnilingus is that one vital activity you need to button down to a fine art if you are going to secure your place as the most incredible lover she has ever had munching on her nether regions. A lot of women actually prefer oral play to full-on penetrative intercourse, and are far more likely to orgasm through masterful tongue action. The fact of the matter is men who are great at going down on a women are considered to be better lovers than their tongue free counterparts

Take note: a woman will find it incredibly sexy and arousing when her man enjoys the scent and flavour of her pussy. This will let her relax and not be self conscious and allow her to focus on the pleasure to come, so put her at ease and let her know this by saying how good she tastes. If however you find the aroma too strong (which some guys do) and begin heaving at the mere thought of being down there, try suggesting (subtly) that the two of you take an erotic bath or shower, or even introduce a bit of flavoured lube into the equation.

1. The Approach

Nothing is going to get her more revved up than sheer anticipation, by this I mean take it slow once you have her panties off. Start off by giving her lots of gentle kisses down the inside of her thighs, at this point she will begin to gyrate her hips or moan slightly, continue doing this and gently brushing your lips over her pussy as you cross over to kiss the other thigh. Move up and start kissing her around her naval and move onto her breasts and then back down again, now you’re probably saying “hang on, aren’t we doing things in reverse here”, yes we are. But the idea is to get her so aroused and juicy that she will be practically begging you to tuck into her.

2. The Labia Lap

Once you’re back down there, relax your jaw and keep your tongue soft. Start by running your tongue from her vaginal opening all the way up to her clitoris (for those that aren’t too clued up on their ‘vaginal geography’ checkout wikipedia‘s definition). This is a bit like licking a soft serve ice-cream that has just started to melt.

3. Gently Penetrate

Women are most sensitive around the area of their vaginal opening, this is due to a concentration of nerve endings. Target this area with your tongue and gently move it inwards and outwards as well as varying the motion with a spiral effect i.e. a circular motion whilst moving in and out. You’ll know what she likes based on both her hip movements (i.e. sharp thrusts for intense pleasure) and on her breathing / moaning, pay special attention to these as this is how you will gauge what exactly is doing it for her.

4. The Clitoral Flick

The clitoris is another area flooded with nerve endings and becomes slightly swollen at the point of arousal. As I said before, many women will orgasm far easier through clitoral stimulation than by any other means. Spread her outer lips with your fingers, either by forming a “V” with your pointer and middle finger or with your thumb and pointer fingers and gently flick your tongue around her clitoris area. Start out gently, to see what she likes, or pick up the pace, but slow down if it becomes too intense for her – which she’ll let you know if it does.

5. The Clitoral Suck

This technique can become very intense so don’t overdo it. Firstly, expose her clitoris by spreading her lips and lightly pull back her clitoral hood. Then take her clitoris in your mouth and give it a gentle little suck, in much the same way you would “suck” on your fingers after a nice greasy chicken drumstick. Continue doing this.

6. The Combination Suck and Flick

This technique is sure to send her into sensory overload. Place her clitoris in your mouth and gently begin sucking, then start (whilst still sucking) a gentle flicking action with your tongue, almost poking her clit with your tongue. Vary the motion of your tongue, try swirling and ‘probing’, over, around, and up and down.

7. Get Creative and Spell

Another great technique is to spell out words using your tongue, these words can be: her name, the title of your favourite movie, anything goes here. So get in there, be creative, and become the ultimate ‘cunnilinguist’.

Remember that you can also go ahead and use your fingers to penetrate her whilst simultaneously lapping at her pussy, and once you have found a motion that she likes, stick with it. Don’t speed up or change tactics, keep at a steady and constant speed – this will send her over the edge in no time at all. Do this and you may just find that “the myth of the female orgasm” is a book title you no longer need in your collection.

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