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7 Foods To Boost Your Skin’s Appearance and Your Confidence


You simply can’t go shoveling junk food down your gullet and still expect to have a glowing and healthy complexion. A lot of what you are putting in is going to affect not only your physique but your appearance and skin too.

You Are What You Eat

A major constituent to healthy trouble free skin is the foods you choose, a healthy diet consisting of fresh produce, fruits, dairy, and lean meats is going to work wonders on your complexion. However, the following is a list of foods renowned for their skin enhancing properties and should be squeezed into your diet if you’re serious about improving the overall healthy appearanve of your skin:

1. Avocados

These delicious and creamy bad boys are choc-full of essential oils and B complex vitamins, Niacin (vitamin B3) to aid in nourishing your skin. Peel and slice these off into salads or mashed up into a paste for sandwiches, making a really tasty snack.

2. Mangoes

Mangoes are abundant with vitamin A, in fact they contain more the 80% of your RDA. Vitamin A is responsible for the care and repair of skin cells and a deficiency will result in skin becoming dry and flaky. Also rich in anti-oxidants mangoes will help fight free radicals: one of the skin’s primary causes of premature aging.

3. Almonds

Not only are these choice nuts scrumptious roasted with a teriyaki chicken drumstick, but are also incredibly good for maintaining your skin’s healthy glow. Almonds are brim full with Vitamin E at an incredible 150% of your RDA. Vitamin E’s rich oils will keep skin moisturised and the antioxidants will prevent your skin from premature aging.

4. Cottage Cheese

Cotage cheese is an incredibly healthy alternative to the fatty cheddars and full cream soft cheeses usually found. The selenium found in cottage is where you will be getting the most benefit from, as a result it combines with Vitamin E as a very powerful age-defying anti oxidant.

5. Oysters

Hailed as a powerful aphrodisiac the world over, these molluscs will not only have her sitting on your face (writhing in ecstasy) but will also fight acne and improve the skin’s elasticity. Fresh oysters are rich in Zinc which plays a large role in sebum production, and where a deficiency ultimately leads to acne and spots.

6. Baked Potatoes

Now don’t go and confuse a baked potato with oil drenched french fries which are fatty and will leave your skin looking terrible. One baked potato will supply you with around 70% of your daily copper requirement. Copper is an essential mineral that works in combination with Vitamin C and Zinc to aid in the skin’s firmness and structure – a deficiency will result in the skin’s inability to heal and will leave it rigid and lifeless.

7. Mushrooms

While athletes foot is probably not on the top of everyone’s shopping list, the fungi: mushroom should be. Mushrooms are high in riboflavin (Vitamin B2) which aids in maintaining and repairing the skin – and is also know to improve blemishes caused by rosacea.

These are a few readily available foods for you buy fresh from your grocer or deli and incorporate into your diet. Doing so, along with sufficient exercise and plenty of fluids and sleep will see your skin take on a healthy appearance and leave you looking great and you feeling confident


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