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A Few Sex Moves She Wishes You Knew


So you think you know what it takes to make your woman purr, well Romeo here are A Few Sex Moves She Wishes You Knew. It not always easy to make your partner orgasm, those female parts are sometimes a little difficult to handle, but that’s what makes them so much fun. It’s not just hitting the g-spot as some men may think, although that certainly is amongst the best. The elusive g-spot once found can add hours of fun to your sexual experience.

Clitoral stimulation

It’s definitely one of those sex moves she wishes you knew. Like the g-spot, when stimulated correctly you will send her over the edge. Don’t just go for the gusto hard and heavy. Tease the clitoris lightly and affectionately, and pay attention to her moaning and breathing to gauge what she likes – heavy panting and moan means that unless your Mom is about to burst through the door do not stop what you’re doing! If you really want to get her going, do it while you are in her doggy style, from behind, you dexterous stud you.

Develop a rhythm where with each thrust (inward) you increase the pressure and motion of your finger on her clit, then cool off when you thrust outward. Also while you’re back there, some nipple play adds to the fun. Just go nice and easy, not hard, and try not to simply “pump” or squeeze them the whole time – give the nipples (and areola) some TLC.  Now, if you really want to try for your own chapter in the Kama Sutra, get her to rest on her hands in a press up position and wrap her legs around your waist, whilst holding her legs in place (with one hand) lightly run your hands down her tummy to her pubic hair and run your fingers through it. If she sports the bald look, just lightly stimulate the area (her “mons pubis” AKA her “beetle bonnet”) with your finger tips and nails.

Oral stimulation

Again, clitoral stimulation is key here. Show her you plan on earning that Kama Sutra chapter by spending a lot of time getting that clitoris primed and tender. The clitoris is area flooded with nerve endings and becomes slightly swollen at the point of arousal. As I said before, many women will orgasm far easier through clitoral stimulation than by any other means. Spread her outer lips with your fingers, either by forming a “V” with your pointer and middle finger or with your thumb and pointer fingers and gently flick your tongue around her clitoris area. Start out gently, to see what she likes, or pick up the pace, but slow down if it becomes too intense for her – which she’ll let you know if it does.

Here’s another: whilst penetrating her from behind, roll her onto her side with one leg up. This position will give you a leg up on hitting the g-spot – it’s all about the right angles so experiment. Remember that clitoral thing, reach around and do it again. Here’s another good one, roll her over on top of you but facing away and let her ride you (i.e. the reverse cowgirl). While she is doing that have her turn sideways on top of you to reach yet another great sensitive area!

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