Babe of the Week: Abigail Ratchford


Abigail Ratchford was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania of part Irish, German and French decent. Her father is an Attorney, and her mother runs a large child care program.

Abigail is the fifth of seven children and was raised in an Irish Catholic Household. Her eldest brother, Jason, was a Calvin Klein model signed with Ford Modeling Agency in New York City when he was seventeen years old. Since Abigail was only four at this time, her mother would bring her to New York when taking Jason to his agency visits there. It was during this time that her mother was approached by the children’s division at Ford Models regarding representation of Abigail, who at a young age, was often compared to a porcelain doll because of her round face and large green eyes.

Mrs. Ratchford did not want her child to be exposed to that industry so young and chose not to allow her daughter to become a child model. If you haven’t seen this babe before, well then you enjoy.


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