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App-Controlled Wifi Spy Tank


The App controlled SPY-C Tank is designed to work with Apple or Android smart phones or tablets. The SPY-C Tank creates its very own Wi-Fi space for control and live view.

The SPY-C Tanks built-in digital camera transmits a live image back to your device which allows you to control and view whilst in another room – the moving head allows you to look around the room.

You can also record the motion footage or take a snapshot image which will be recorded directly onto your smart phone or tablet.

Download the Free App to your Android or Apple device and it becomes the controller for the SPY-C Tank. See where the Tank is going via the live video stream and record this with sound to share with friends. You won’t be restricted to just having fun indoors as the SPY-C Tank creates its own Wi-Fi space to link to your device

Use the controls on the screen to drive the SPY-C Tank, record what it sees, move the camera and zoom in and out. Hear people speak and talk back to them with the Walkie-Talkie function. All in realtime. Share the pictures and video by email or your social network sites. See in the dark with the SPY-C Tank’s night-vision control and still be able to film.

Visio-Control via Wifi on iPhone, iPod , iPad & Android Buy Here!


  • Wifi connection and Video streaming
  • Night Visio-control from your iPhone, iPod & iPad
  • 360° Panorama
  • 2 control modes (through the buttons on the screen or by tilting the device)
  • The Tank can memorize a path

A new way of communicating

  • Use the Walkie-Talkie Function to speak from another room
  • Stay connected with your friends and family Buy Here!

A different way of sharing

  • Share even more with your friends and family via email or over the social networks.
  • The SPY-C Tank will revolutionize the way you see things Technical specification
  • Photo resolution: Jpeg 25 fps (320 x 240)
  • Video Resolution Mov (320 x 240)
  • Range: 30 meters indoors and 60 meters in open areas
  • Charge cycle: between 1 hour 15 minutes and 9 hours (in standby mode)
  • Power: batteries (6 x AA)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg

Compatibility and applications:

  • Apple smartphone or tablet (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch 4g with IOS 5 or later)
  • Android smartphone or tablet (Android OS 2.2 or later, capacitive screen) Buy Here!

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