App: Slendr Game for iPhone


Slendr is the ultimate horror survival game inspired by the Slender man mythos. Get the new, thrilling horror survival game inspired by the most terrifying legend of all time: the Slender Man myth! Walk through the scary woods in search of tapes and survival gear. But watch out… He is out there, and he WILL find you… …..For how long can you survive?

You have to move in real life in order to escape the ghost. You will feel as if the ghost is actually hunting you for real!

Rotate yourself and your phone to look through the woods, and see how the world in the iPhone follows your movement. No angle is safe in this 360 degrees virtual reality gameplay. Watch out, he might be behind you… Without the use of your special night camera, nothing can be seen in the dark woods. Your task is to pick up your lost recordings and invaluable batteries for you camera. But watch out! Once the ghost sees you, it is over…

WARNING! SLENDR is highly engaging and contains sudden and breathtaking effects. People with sensitive conditions are recommended to not play SLENDR…

To get the ultimate SLENDR experience players you can get loads of extra cool stuff!

  •  Ghost Detector: get a head start with a powerful Ghost Detector!
  • Extra Night Vision: improve your sight to more easily spot the ghost before he spots you
  • Coach Potato mode: for lazy players! Stay seated and tap the screen to change directions!
  • 20 Dollarz mode: the alternative game play for a totally different SLENDR experience…
  • Photo album: an exclusive collection with never-before-shown images of the ghost…


Get it: Slendr


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