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New App for AR Drone: AR Freeflight 2.4


Thanks to a specific stabilization system, movements of the AR.Drone 2.0 get smoother, so the image recorded is more stable. These movements are automatic (panorama, crane, travelling, hovering) in addition to the “traditional” piloting buttons. A number of camera settings can be changes to take in account the weather conditions or the luminosity of the location.

After shooting, it is possible to arrange the video with post production effects. Stabilize it and remove the “wobble effect “are 2 news features. Director Mode has been developed in order to give the possibility to  AR.Drone 2.0 pilots to make better videos to create improved content for the community.

What is it for?:

It enables special settings of the AR.Drone 2.0 allowing a better stabilization of the flights, with pre production and post production settings that are available to fine tune videos

Direction Mode:

Option in AR.FreeFlight2.4

Coming soon

Accessible from AR.FreeFlight main menu, the Director Mode enables special settings of the AR.Drone 2.0 allowing a better stabilization of the flights, with pre production and post production settings that are available to fine tune videos.

Choose Your Camera Move:

The new AR.Drone 2.0 firmware will eliminate most of the hick-ups due to light wind conditions or sudden stop to deliver the smoothest video you’ll ever shot with an AR.Drone 2.0.


Watch video


Watch video


Watch video

Tune Camera Settings:

The settings menu lets you fine tune exposure, color saturation, and white balance or choose rom an array of preset to quickly find the setting that will fit your needs.

Compose Video Sequences In Real Time:

You can stop or take back the control at any time during the automatic moves.

You can also choose to compose a more complex sequence by switching from one move to another or adjusting the speed in real time.


Post-production settings allow to get better stabilized videos.

In addition of the smoother automatic movement,
you can choose your level of stabilization.

The graphics on the bottom left corner show you how unstable your video is.

Select the sequences you want to stabilize the software will process it.

Flight Computer Stabilization:

Stabilization system uses the AR.Drone sensors precision at 30Hz to know exactly what the positioning was during the initial video records, for every video frame.
You will be able to correct up to 15° inclination misalignment caused by wind conditions.

AR.Drone Academy:

All videos made with Director Mode can be shared on Youtube and then appear on your AR.Drone Academy account.

They will be visible for other users if you let them in “public”.

General data such as duration of flight and number of flights… are added to your account and specific data from Director Mode such as number of travellings launched.


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