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Before making a purchase, you gather as much information as you can about what it is you're buying. You make sure you know exactly what you're spending your cash on. The world wide web, as wonderful as it is, often falls short of providing enough data to help you make an informed decision. How do you know whether you can trust online reviews? How can you be sure that you're not wasting your money on a product that, at face value, looks great, but once you start using it, turns out to be junk? That's where I come in. I've been involved in the world wide web since 2006. I'm a qualified digital marketer, driven to create trustworthy content. However, I'm also an avid outdoorsman; a light tackle lure fishing fanatic (I even make my own lures). I spend a lot of time hunting for fish (at least three times a week). This puts me in the ideal position to test all sorts of tools geared towards making your outdoor adventures as pleasant as possible. And that's exactly what I do. I test gear. But I don't just skim the surface. I dig into a product to give you all the information, so that, when you purchase online, you do so with confidence. I qualified as a toolmaker many moons ago. I spent years making all sorts of wonderful contraptions. This gave me a love for the technical side of things. Working with metals, plastics and other materials gave me an understanding of how things work, why they work, and, if they don't work, why they don't work. This technical background allows me to give you a deeply informed opinion about the outdoor products I test. Mantality is an excellent online shop. I love buying products from them. They do every step of the online purchasing journey exceptionally well. I can't possibly offer you a better online buying experience. What I can do, is give you no nonsense, genuine, in depth reviews of products available on Mantality. With Mantality's commitment to the perfect online shopping experience and my obsession with detail, your buying journey becomes a lot easier. Rest assured, if I give a product a thumbs up, you can buy it with confidence. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the adventure!


Review: Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder

If you’re a fisherman, get the Deeper sonar fish finder. Here’s why. 6th November 2016 Jansie Blom Article content   Buy the Deeper Pro or Pro Plus Prices Buying options Introduction Why use a fish finder? Deeper highlights Irritations Warranty info The box when it arrived Inside the box Deeper sonar models Differences between the […]