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Bacon infused Jack Daniels (the Jack-Ham’er)


For the bacon lovers out there that can’t get enough of the other white meat, there’s bacon bits, bacon jam, and even bacon ice cream.

Now for your over indulgence I present the “Jack-Ham’er” – bacon infused Jack Daniels.

Now you can “Swine & Dine”… Da dum tshhh

I opted for Gentleman Jack, which in a nutshell is Jack Daniels that’s been twice charcoal mellowed instead of once, and makes it smoooooth.

Double charcoal mellowed smooth Jacky D.

All you need is:

1.1 pack bacon

2.250ml Jack Daniels

3.Avo to eat with the bacon after you’ve fried it

Grill/fry the bacon and put 2 teaspoons of the rendered fat in your Jack.

Just in case you didn’t know what frying bacon looked like…)

Stir it up a bit to get a good mix and leave it out for 12 hours or so, to let all the bacony goodness infuse into the Jacky goodness. As a point of note, apparently when fat is put into bourbon it absorbs a lot of the harshness (brilliant), and then the alcohol dissolves a lot of the aromatic compounds that make bacon so awesome (twice brilliant!)

Cool for a bit to solidify the fat and strain. Strain again for good luck – as much as bacon is delicious, finding a fat globule in your evening drink isn’t.

Good little piggy.

© Luke Bresler – The Curious Gastronomer


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