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Bedroom Chivalry: Shag Like a Gentleman


Chivalry doesn’t stop once you both get to the bedroom, your coital-courtesy (or lack thereof) speaks volumes about you as a lover and all round Sheik of the Sheets. So, unless of course she’s been an extremely naughty little madam: teasing, titillating, and gagging for it all night – you’re going to still need to be that dashingly confident and sexy gentleman that’s going to rock her world – back and forth again and again.

(Before sex) Don’t drop your pants right away

Give the foreplay time to get going before you strip naked and get into penetration. I know it sucks sometimes, but women do like foreplay, and if you keep your pants on long enough to concentrate on her body, you might discover that she’ll be eager to get your clothes off.

Don’t push her head down

You want her to lick you for a while, but she’s just not getting the hint. Pushing her head toward your penis, however, isn’t going to garner you any awards, so I strongly recommend that you either ask her to head down or simply give her your finger to suck. She’ll get the point.

Wait for the clitoris cue

A woman needs to be properly lubricated before you can start fiddling with the clitoris, so make sure she’s wet beforehand via kissing and even teasing. Once she’s excited, put your finger(s) inside her to make her wet before you start running circles around the outer part of her genitalia.

Lick her for more than 30 seconds

Many a woman has complained to me that her guy just doesn’t stay down there long enough. A lick and a smile wouldn’t do for you, and it just isn’t enough for her either. So spend a little time getting to know her with your face.

(During sex) Satisfy her before yourself

Don’t be afraid to make her orgasm before you do. You can do it while you penetrate her by simultaneously playing with her clitoris and her nipples, or you can even pause the penetration and go down on her with your tongue and fingers.

Talk dirty to her

While swearing at her may not go over well, telling her what you want to do to her, how hard you want to do it, and how you’ve imagined doing it all day can really get her imagination going. Feel free to engage in fantasy talk.

Warn her when it’s ending

If you’re about to ejaculate, tell her so. A simple, “Oh, I’m gonna come” is appreciated by most women. Whether her mouth is wrapped around your penis or you’re penetrating her, forewarn her about your impending release.

Don’t introduce toys right away

Walking into the room toting a power drill won’t likely garner positive results. Before you decide to incorporate toys into your sex, make sure you’ve mentioned it to her (to gauge her reaction) and try to avoid heavy “machinery” altogether.

(After sex) Don’t run to the shower

If you head straight for the shower right after sex (unless you had a morning quickie and are late for work), you’ll make your woman feel unsanitary, or at least as though you think sex (or even sex with her ) is unsanitary. Lay with her for a while, talk about how great the sex was and then ask her to make you a sandwich. Just kidding.

Kiss her

While most guys would rather die than taste their own semen, it is a nice gesture to kiss your girl before, during and after the sex play. Make a point of kissing her.

Try not to fall asleep

It’s normal to feel tired after you ejaculate, but if you engage in conversation, the momentary impulse to fall asleep will pass. If you simply can’t keep your eyes open, compliment her sexual abilities before you drift off and make sure that your hand is somewhere on her body (touching her will make her feel more secure about your need to sleep).

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  1. Hi

    It amazes me that this sort of stuff needs to be told to guys over and over 🙂 I can think of nothing worse than trying to penetrate a dry or half dry women, and lubs kinda spoil the moment.

    Its the lasies luck that they are able climax more than once and I see it as my rather pleasurable “job” to make sure this happens. I get as bigger kick out of hearing the results of my efforts as my climax.

    Maybe I’m just weird, but …..


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