Best Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has It All – 7 Types Of Men And What To Buy Him


Everyone fancies a romantic gesture and it is most definitely appreciated when receiving a gift from someone you love. However, as wonderful as it is to be adorned with treasures, the satisfying feeling that accompanies the simple act of giving most certainly triumphs. If you’re anything like me, it is especially essential to make each purchase count.


With birthdays and special holidays constantly nipping at our heels, it can sometimes feel a bit daunting when searching for the ‘perfect’ gift for him. And still, the question persists, what is the ‘perfect’ gift for a man?

Maybe it doesn’t exist?  A gift is only made ‘perfect’ by the act itself. Think about all the times you have received gifts from your family and friends, which did you appreciate more? Their presence or their presents. The fact that so much thought has gone into your purchase means more to your loved ones than any price tag. Don’t get us wrong we wouldn’t turn down a 6 pack of craft beers or a new beer-making kit but to be surrounded by people who love you enough to acknowledge the things you love, even your quirky ‘hoppies’ is pretty cool too.


#1 The Dapper Dude

Ambitious and dashing with the sole objective to stand out from the crowd, he delights in finding new ways to enhance his look and wardrobe. Give your man the confidence to express his inner Bond and flaunt his sophisticated style. A classic tie set will smarten up any suit or blazer and give the appearance of conscious styling. Pair the tie with the cufflinks or be daring and exchange the tie for the pocket square. Either combination will give him the desired look. These cufflink and tie sets boast 100% silk material and come in a multitude of designs. Guaranteed to astound any audience. ​

Man with cufflinks and watch

#2 The Distinguished Gent

As sexy as a rugged man is, a well-groomed man is harder to resist. It can be a pain to manage all your grooming needs when you don’t have all the tools. There’s plenty of upkeep that goes into maintaining that effortlessly refined appearance but with the right products, it doesn’t have to be quite so challenging. Why not try the range of Bluebeards Revenge grooming products perfectly suited to any fella’s needs. From the clean-shaven to the grizzly, any of these best-selling kits will add some sheen to his style.

The Bluebeards Revenge Product Range

The Bluebeards Revenge Grooming Kit

#3 The Swag Man

He is more adventurous when it comes to his wardrobe, the trendsetter and the envy of all his friends. He is the man of swag. This gift, being useful and trendy, will add more pep to his step! He can strut his stuff in a pair of these featured funky socks for men; boasting intricate, eccentric patterns in an assortment of colours. These classic everyday socks will keep him comfortable and stylish, ensuring he puts his best foot forward.

Patterned Socks Hanging on Washing Line

Stylish Footwear For Every Occasion

#4 The Gadget Guru

Gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets! This man’s favorite toys are all things savvy and a bit TECHnical. But where does he put it all? The Man Stand can help your man get more organized. It’s functional, unique, and classy and is the perfect gift for the man who has it all; the phone charging station and organizer has a place for a wallet, watch, keys, and a mobile phone. Made from the highest quality, solid Kiaat or Pinewood, giving it a rustic-chic and glossy outer appearance. A simple 2-piece assembly and there you have it, a sleek home organizer.

#5 The Master of Mystery

Shopping for that man in your life can sometimes feel daunting and tricky at times. With every holiday or birthday, that rolls around is the anxious feeling that comes with choosing the perfect gift. Leave the selection up to the pros and opt for the Lover’s Mystery Gift Box. Boasting not just one great gift but several, all thoughtfully chosen and practical. This mystery gift box includes; 1 pair of stylish men’s socks (size 8 – 11.5), credit card multi-tool, spice shaker, a mystery surprise, and a special sweet treat. All this complete with packaging and a themed gift card. Everything a man would love with the flick of the wrist.

Neon sign show me yours I'll show you mine

#6 The Fit Fella

Passionate about staying fit and keeping healthy. He never misses a workout and sweats right through the harsh, winter chill. This is a lad who takes care of himself and no matter what he’s doing, he looks good doing it. Why not buy him something he’ll not only love but also need. These resistance bands are the ultimate gift for the fit fella. They can be used on their own for targeted muscle training or added to a regular exercise routine. They’re great to use for both stretching and resistance. The versatile nature of these bands makes them ideal for all types of fitness training. Perfect for achieving his desired physique.

Weights and Resistance Band

#7 The Avid Adventurer

Taking his hobbies to the extreme, he’s a risk-taker, a daredevil with a flair for adventure. Show him how much you love him by embracing his lifestyle, in a more romantic setting. And I’m not talking about the bedroom, although I’m sure he wouldn’t disapprove.  Be a little risky and make an extreme gesture. Purchase an experience voucher to use in the future, a romantic meal for two amongst the stars. Dinner in the sky, a perfect combination of romance and adventure. It may not be a private affair but it sure is a risky one. This is an experience he’ll never forget. And will, no doubt, remind him that you were a risk worth taking!

Balcony View Overlooking Lisbon

We know people are more complicated than a few clichés but whether you’re buying for a loved one or yourself, we hope we’ve helped inspire you.


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