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Bored at the Gym? Kick your workout up a notch with these boredom-busting tips


Know the definition for treadmill?  My dictionary defines it as “any monotonous, wearisome routine in which there is little or no satisfactory progress.”

Coincidence?  I think not.  Using a treadmill can kill your fitness motivation faster than you can run on one.  In fact, doing the same old, same old at the gym is the number one cause of workout malaise.  And when boredom strikes, it’s easy to get disheartened by a routine workout that makes it seem like you’re going nowhere fast.  Before you lose motivation and take on a new routine as a couch potato, try changing your workout up with these great treadmill alternatives.

Take it outside

When the pounds of iron aren’t exactly whispering sweet nothings of motivation in your ear, it’s time to ditch them and head for the great outdoors.  Depending on the season and your location, there are tons of great activities for you to choose from.  Hit the slopes on skis or snowboard, or try trail-running in a local conservation area.  Not only will the novelty of the experience get your adrenaline going, but the scenery will be far more inspiring.  Imagine, if you will, a bevy of beautiful bikini’ed women watching while you spike the volleyball on a sun-warmed beach.

Venture into new territory

If you’ve always used machines for your weight-bearing circuit, branch out to the many other tools at your disposal.  Working with free weights will boost your focus and coordination because they require additional stability from non-targeted muscles, rather than the machine, to provide stability and balance to the body.  Or, try some of the trendier alternatives to dumbbells that will work your muscles in new ways, such as kettlebells, high-resistance bands, or cables.  Adding variety to your routine will reduce monotony and keep your interest at a maximum.


Enroll in an intense class or sport that will keep you riveted.  Spinning is a great boredom remedy because instructors use music and a variety of speeds and inclines to get your heart pumping and your focus sharp.  For something a little more stress-relieving, take a boxing or MMA course and work off your bad day at work while visualizing your boss’ face on the punching bag.  If you’re in training, shake up your cardio routine with High Intensity Interval Training, a cyclical workout that involves spurts of all-out movement like sprinting followed by periods of lower intensity activity.  HIIT burns more calories, keeps you engaged, and can improve your cardiovascular capacity.

Partner Up

Get a workout buddy.  Having a partner to keep you on track and motivated can help keep you active by holding you accountable to someone other than yourself.  The key is to meet regularly and keep each other updated on goals and progress.  You’ll also benefit from shared advice, tips, and a good swift kick if your motivation starts to wane.

TIP: Fitness supplements are also a good way to ensure your body is performing at its peak. Supplements also have the affect of motivating you to push harder at the gym.

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