Clint Eastwood vs. Paul Newman. Who’s your go-to classic fashion icon?


Who is your go-to classic style icon?They’ve both got the steely blue eyes and timeless appeal of classic American masculinity.  But the differences end there.  The Man with No Name wears his swagger in the lines of his face, while Newman’s Cool Hand Luke is a suave urban gent who looks hot whether he’s all buttoned up or rocking a popped collar.  Which is your go-to style: badass outlaw or minimalist sophisticate?


Weathered.  Wizened.  Worn.  Nobody does grizzled better than our favorite man’s man, Clint Eastwood.  From cowboy chic to sport coat sharp, Eastwood stays true to a lean, classic style that’s got badass written all over it.  To pull off his shit-kicker look, keep it pared down and never flashy.

Start with a plain white tee and denim but steer clear of androgynous skinny jeans and deep v-necks.   Eastwood would never wear jeans that make his legs look thinner than a woman’s.  I’m just sayin’.  For outerwear, use pattern and texture.  Cut a trim figure in a tailored tweed sport coat over a wool vest a la Dirty Harry or go spaghetti western by layering a sheepskin vest over a pale blue button-down like Joe in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Though Eastwood’s characters rarely leave home without packing heat, you might want to start with less intimidating accessories like these rough-hewn Harness Boots by Code West.  To complete the look, check out Adam Kimmel’s S/S 2010 wrangler collection for a gritty ten gallon hat and this stainless steel claw pendant.

To keep your look more outlaw than Yosemite Sam, limit your accessories and stick with the basics.  And like Eastwood, maintain swagger with total confidence.  After all, how many dudes can wear a poncho and get away with it?


Paul Newman may not have been looking for a fight with his traditional look, but clean-cut didn’t mean boring when it came to his smooth styling.   Known for his clean fashion sense, Newman kept things simple but pulled together with an air of sophistication that never upstaged his raw masculinity.

To score his urban gentleman appeal, keep it minimal but luxurious.  For work, try a slim-cut suit with thin lapels and a skinny tie.  Stick with neutrals like gray or beige and stay within a narrow monochromatic range.  Check out Marc Jacob’s F/W 2010 collection for streamlined suits.  Keep it relaxed but tidy for weekend brunch with your girlfriend’s parents with a v-neck cashmere sweater, dark denim, and a corduroy sports jacket.  Calvin Klein, the king of American minimalism, has got a great selection of crisp casual wear.  If you’re into motor racing like Newman was, take a working-man chambray button down for a test drive like his look in Cool Hand Luke. Finish the look with a pair of aviators from Michael Kors.

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