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Layman’s Weekend Guide to Couples Bonding


By Ryan Lee Hancocks for

So the long awaited weekend has arrived, you’re thinking of kicking back with a few beers and then catch some sport on TV? But think about it, how about this weekend you spend that special time off with your partner?

After a hard work week for both of you, why not do something together this weekend to make up for all those missed hours during the week? Catch up on some much needed communication and time in each other’s company. A bonding weekend is a great way for couples to reawaken their love for each other. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive; rather centre it on those precious moments you can treasure together away from the busy chaos of our working lives.

So where do you start? Well, there are some great activities out there that won’t break the bank but will actively bring you closer together as a couple.  A lot of people talk about couples massages and the like, but those aren’t really bonding activities; what you need are private moments where you are actively sharing and communicating with one another.

Here are some ideas:

Here are a few of those types of bonding moments: a favourite of mine is to get up early on Saturday morning, prepare a brunch (picnic basket, blanket and some bubbly or even smoothies) and head off for a morning picnic in the botanical gardens (If you’re in Cape Town Kirstenbosch is the best place to be or even go to the beach or a secluded little spot you have in mind). This is a great opportunity to unwind, enjoy some fresh air and relax in each other’s company, and find your relationship’s natural rhythm again.

Why not take the Saturday afternoon off and take a drive; sometimes that is all that is needed to get the conversation going again. It’s all about removing yourselves from outside stimuli that intrude on your minds’ serenity.

Other great activities include taking the evening off after work to plan something new for dinner; shopping for exciting ingredients and a tasty dessert and then cooking together will really help you reconnect in one space with a shared task.

So with this in mind, stay tuned for a follow up where I cover some of the great places to go and see that are couple heaven. And remember, while it’s ok for a bit of ‘me’ time, one should try and remember that our partners also want to be with us, so show your relationship a bit of love too.

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