The Beer Belly Bag a.k.a. The Dadbag


We’ve had some pretty bizarre products pass through our doors over the years but this one is particularly amusing. The Beer Belly Bag (aka The Dad Bag) is a tongue-in-cheek way to get the dad bod you’ve always dreamed of, plus it’ll store all your gadgets and goodies at the same time. What’s quite amazing is just how realistic it looks, and you can even pop a few beers, a sandwich, and a few essentials in there as it as a 1-litre capacity. Love it or hate, it’ll sure get some laughs at your next social event, travelling around town. It also makes a great gift idea for that new dad.

It was created by a London based designer who came up with the idea after seeing all the posts about dad bods being cool. “My inspiration was seeing all the posts about dad bods being cool,” he tells HuffPost. “I think people want them because of that reason. You can have a dad bod without any health issues.”

Pukies says they’re perfect for storing “typical dad items, like beer, medicine, a sandwich, wallet, sunglasses, keys.”

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