Make Her Dizzy With Desire Without So Much as a Touch


Nothing creates a hot, fired up woman teetering on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm like preparation, anticipation and a lustful wanting.

By this I mean that the passion starts long before you have her knickers clenched firmly between your teeth, and an erection that could split seams. Take the time to seduce her well before you shed a single item of clothing.

Seduce Her Mind

Mental stimulation, would you believe, will get her hotter than a filly on heat. Play with her mind, whilst you flirt up a storm. Give her an idea, a picture of what you would do to her amidst the throws of passion. Describe to her every, touch, smell or taste she will experience at your masterful hands (or tongue).

You should start all this well before the bedroom, such as out at dinner whilst enjoying cocktails and sushi – whisper softly into her ear “you are sexier to me than you could ever fathom”.

Send her a saucy text message or email her (if you’re feeling brazen) during the day, letting her know that the second she returns home this evening that she will be blindfolded and subjected to the most intense, and satisfying pleasure she will ever encounter. Seduce her. Entice her. Get her hot for you.

“You Were Always On My Mind”

In the well sung lyrics of the King, subtly let her know that you’re constantly thinking about her. And it needn’t be cheesy or clichéd like sending her love letters or a soppy text message. Have a look at the following for some 21st century inspiration:

  • Propose to actually go for latin or dance lessons / classes
  • Ask if you can join her at yoga or the gym (nothing is sexier than watching your girl work up a sweat whilst witnessing every other beefcake in there pretending not to watch her)
  • Stick a bottle of her favourite wine in the fridge (with a ribbon attached) and when she asks about it reply with a witty “oh it’s just for my alcoholic boozer of a girlfriend whom I love and adore”
  • Record a video clip of you lip-synching a love song (dedicated to her) and post it up on YouTube / Facebook for all and sundry to see. You may however be “ragged” senseless by your mates but she knows this and this makes it that much more meaningful.
  • Buy her lingerie. Nothing says you think she is a sex kitten more than buying her lingerie. Make sure to rummage through her knicker draw to get a feel for what she likes. And don’t be shy to ask her friends or shop assistants for advice on measurements etc – it’s crucial you get sizes right.
  • Get some naughty coupons to dish out (like the Hot Sex Coupons Booklet) and place them in obscure places like: the book she’s busy reading, in her handbag, in her car’s cubby hole, in between clothing etc.

The idea of all of this is to get her thinking about getting hot under the collar and turned on, and all without ever laying a single finger on her. The mere mental stimulation is going to make your job that much easier (and more enjoyable). You’re laying the groundwork for an intensely satisfying session of lovemaking to come – that will make you look like an all round masterful lover.


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