New DJI Spark and FPV Goggles Arriving Soon!


DJI Mavic’s little brother the DJI Spark is set to launch in South Africa soon – and by little brother, we don’t mean there is anything but little form factor and a relatively little price tag, but this comes with all the innovation you’ve come to expect from DJI. This is an incredibly exciting time as the arrival of the new DJI Spark and FPV Goggles draws closer!

DJI Spark Drone

I simply love DJI’s catch phrase of “Seize the Moment!” That is what life is about, and this little Drone can certainly help you do just that in your life!

From what I have read and watched, this nifty little Drone has definitely piqued my interest. It is small, lightweight and compact in size (fits in the palm of your hand compact!), it allows you to take those awesome aerial shots from way up high in sky. With wifi it can fly up to 50m into the sky and it is able to fly up to 80m in distance from you and still see you perfectly clear!

As if there weren’t enough reasons to buy this advanced drone, there are many ways to control the little guy. You can buy a remote controller, use your smartphone, buy the FPV goggles or simply use your hand as your controller using hand gestures. Yes you read right! You can simply control the Spark with the palm of your hand. Just launch it from the palm of your hand, it will recognise your face and use your palm as home, you can also take photos using your hand gestures as well as make it return back to you! Amazing right? This little guy is definitely the most intelligent little Drone ever made by DJI.

It comes with built in GPS which helps it always know where it is, even if you don’t! It also always avoids obstacles in its way in the air.

The sport mode switch will make the Drone follow you and make sure you are always within the frame. So you will never miss out on those awesome natural shots, just be yourself and this guy will catch it all!

If you are wanting a little more to play with, there is the great DJI Spark Fly More Combo. Which gives you a bunch of extra goodies for your DJI Spark Drone.

DJI Spark now available at Mantality for ±R8,699 | Fly More Combo Arriving Early July 2017 at R12,159

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Reviews for the DJI Spark

Digital Trend – “The Spark is easily one of the best portable drones available right now. Despite the fact that it can’t shoot 4K video like some of its competitors, it outshines the competition in just about every other regard. It’s faster, smarter, can fly for longer periods of time, and is definitely the most reliable in its class — so if you don’t mind shooting in 1080p, this drone would make a fantastic companion on your next adventure.”

Trusted Reviews – “It all feels a bit Star Wars – it wouldn’t feel out of place on the Star Wars Battle Drone – but when it works it’s fantastic and really makes getting a quick, impromptu shot incredibly easy. This will be fantastic for getting group shots rather than trying to squeeze everyone in or contort your arm with a selfie stick.”

Dealers: “You get the best out of your Spark with a smart phone as the controller.  Then you have access to the camera settings.  You also get access to the quick movie mode, where Spark will follow pre defined profiles, and deliver great 10 second video clips.  Play them back though the editor, and Music will be added to the video shots, very quick and easy.  Then they are ready to be shared to friends.

DJI FPV Goggles

The perfect accessory to add to your DJI Spark Drone. These are the most advanced FPV Goggles yet! These great goggles are made up of two simple, but effective parts. The head ring and the goggles themselves. The head ring is easily adjustable for those with a small head, or even those with a big head. As simple as that!

The goggles themselves have built in display, a touch pad and a few simple buttons to navigate around. The most amazing feature of the googles is of course the touch pad. This can control pretty much all of the actions you requier to use your goggles. You can use between 1 and 3 fingers to do different things through the menu.

You can also simply instruct the drone by just lifting your head up and down or side to side to look around at where it is flying.

Create a whole new views when you wear these goggles and fly your NEW DJI Spark! Watch where it flies and what it sees, control it at the tip of your fingers with the touch pad. Feel like you are flying with your Spark. Get the true experience and the most out of your Spark!

DJI Goggles late June 2017 at R9 699.00

Reviews for the DJI Googles

DJI Buying guides: “We hit the power. Some animation appeared on the goggles, accompanied by a very slick whooshing sound that felt as though it were being played through high-end headphones. Though the small speaker ports are in front of your ears, it sounds like you’re wearing headphones. And – I’m really not kidding here – it feels like you’re sitting in front of a giant movie theater screen.

In fact, DJI has some demo movies that can be played inside the goggles (which will undoubtedly be a great sales tool in a retail environment). Those demos, some of which feature majestic mountaintop vistas, look so stunning through these goggles that they make your jaw nearly drop. And even tough the demos are not 3-D, I swear they almost look three-dimensional.”

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