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Downloading US Apps in iTunes from South Africa


Downloading US Apps in iTunes from South Africa


1. Open iTunes on your computer and head over to iTunes Store.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the iTunes store and click on the South African Flag, this will bring up a list of
countries, choose USA.

3. Once you have selected USA as your country, scroll to the section on the right of the iTunes store that
says free apps and select the app you want. Any app will do just make sure it is a free app otherwise
this will not work.

4. Click the icon that says Free and a screen will pop up asking you to either log in or create a new iTunes
account, click Create New Account and then follow the instructions on screen.

5. Once you reach the section that asks you to enter your credit card information head over to
Google Maps and locate a place in the US, I suggest a restaurant like McDonalds or Burger King
and use that as your address. Don’t worry Apple will not send snail mail to that address. Enter it on
the screen, remember to use your own email address as you will need it to confirm your account.
Also make sure you use the telephone number of the place, or at least make sure the area code

6. Once you have entered you fake US identity click continue and registration should now be
completed. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account, simply click the link in
the email and you will now be able log in with your US iTunes account to get access to all the great
content. Unfortunately when you have a US iTunes account in South Africa you cannot use your South
African credit card, but the great news is that you can buy credits in the form of vouchers to use on
the iTunes store. iTunes vouchers are obtainable through websites like WildTwig and iEverything.


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