Penis Enlargement: Can You Grow Your Penis?



You may have seen the advertisements or read the articles about penis enlargement, all of which have piqued your interest but there are maybe just too many unanswered questions for you to really pursue it any further.

And when I say it, I’m talking about your johnson, pecker, member or manhood. The very thing that makes you feel like a man. But when you are overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy it’s ‘hard’ to feel all that manly.

Penis size is a common source of anxiety and still, the age-old question persists; ‘Does size matter?’ The penis has always been a demonstration of both power and shame, and with great power comes great responsibility.

The size of one’s penis is often used to term the wealthy or successful (aka ‘big swinging dicks’). These century-old comparisons have men all around the world constantly doubting themselves. Because a person’s machismo is often referred to in phallic terms, it can cause you to doubt your own masculinity. Looking down at your own manhood, you may be asking yourself, am I big enough?


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Recent studies have shown that over 50 percent of men are unsatisfied with their penis size and wished it were longer. Those same studies have also shown that most men overestimate normal phallic dimensions, and your penis might not be too small after all. 

A psychological study on the subject of men and masculinity was conducted by Lever, et al. which involved a large group of heterosexual men and women. The results observed 85% of the women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size. However, only 55% of the men were satisfied with their own penis size.

So what is the average size of a penis? According to the Mayo Clinic, a penis length of 13 cm (5 inches)  or longer when erect is considered average. However, a perceived inadequacy of your penis size may affect your sex life and cause body dysmorphia and low self-esteem.

Even after studying the research, it does not change your reasons for reading this article in the first place. What if increasing your penis size can dramatically improve your confidence, self-esteem, and sexual stamina? Penis enlargement is no longer a taboo. Just like weight training can enable you to build muscle, using safe and natural methods can help to increase your penile size.


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Men who experience penis anxiety or ‘small penis syndrome’ have been searching for a solution to ultimately achieve overall body confidence and improve their way of life. Most research will tell you that the pills and creams offered by manufacturers do not work and penis enlargement surgery carries risks and side-effects. Research compiled by renowned male enhancement brands shows a more in-depth understanding of the most trialed options for penis growth.

Surgery (including a penile implant) is an effective but risky option to help grow your penis. However, the healing process can be long and painful.

There are non-surgical options to help grow your penis, but make sure to choose a method that works and bears no risk.

Penis pumps are not a permanent solution to increasing the size of your penis. However, they can support penile erection and stamina.

Penis pills do not work, most of them are untested and have side effects.

Creams have absolutely no effect. The human penis is an organ and it is impossible to increase with an external cream.

Jelquing is a penis enlarger exercise, some people have claimed to find some benefit from the process. However, there is no scientific proof and therefore the risks may be unknown.

Unlike some of the alleged penis enhancement strategies above, a natural and clinically proven method of growth is penis traction.  Penis extender/stretches use the principle of traction to generate cell growth resulting in a longer, thicker penis with permanent results.


Clinically documented brands like MaleEdge, Jes-Extender, Andro Medical, and BathMate, are rapidly changing the industry, and the idea of male enlargement and penile health is becoming less controversial and more accessible to the average Joe.

Male Edge and Jes-Extender

Providing customers with a clinically tested product, proven to lengthen and straighten the penis over time. Results and guaranteed growth were published in The British Journal of Urology as the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation.

How does it work?

Safely applying traction to the penis to encourage cell duplication. Over time this process will result in the growth of the penis, in both length and girth. Traction causes tissue cells to divide and multiply, a process called cytokinesis. In time new and sustained tissue growth throughout the penis will prove to have visible results.

Besides permanent growth, other benefits may include increased stamina and penile curvature correction. The easy-to-follow training program allows you to log your progress safely and efficiently. In less than 6 months, growth of 29% in length and 19% in girth were achieved in clinically proven trials.


The original penis extender since 1995 and the world’s first clinically documented device for penile enlargement. Its patented design is high quality and will guarantee results, helping you to boost your confidence, sex life, and overall life satisfaction.

Jes-extender Device


  • Total control of the penis enlargement process
  • Made from medical grade hypo-allergenic materials
  • Devices include a protection pad to cushion the silicone tube
  • All devices include additional extension rods
  • Adjustable to any penis size
  • Easily washable in luke-warm water (dishwasher safe)
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Enhances erection quality and increased stamina
  • Visible and permanent results in 3-6 months
  • Access to quick guides and training program
  • Warranty and money-back guarantee
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Male Edge

Manufactured by the same company as Jes-Extender and offers the same high quality. It has been in production since 2008 and is as effective but at a lower cost. The main feature of this penis extender is to not only increase the length and girth of your penis at a fraction of the cost, but it can also treat Peyronies disease or otherwise known as penile curvature.

Male Edge Devices


  • Flexible design to move with your body
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Adjustable depending on penis length
  • Can be worn underneath loose clothes and during sleep
  • Low maintenance and affordable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comprehensive training program for safe and effective use
  • Kits include instructional DVD
  • Additional accessories (dependant on model)
  • Access to MaleEdge forum and community
  • Double money-back guarantee
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Andromedical is a urological research laboratory, dedicated to helping men improve their self-esteem and gain overall sexual health and satisfaction. After several years of research, laborious testing, numerous scientific studies, doctor testimonials, and patient feedback Andromedical designed the ultimate medical male enhancement penile extender.

Andro Medical Device and Results Illustrated

How does it work?

The Andropenis traction device does not only enhance but also corrects using the principal of grip.  Whilst there are notably many brands offering quality devices with a similar design, Andromedical is FDA approved and their devices have been medically tested for both penile and curvature improvement. The various devices not only ensure the overall growth of the penis but can also improve flaccidity, Peyronies disease/curvature of the penis, and erectile dysfunction.

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Andropenis and Androextender are two penile extenders recommended by urologists and have proven 97% effective in lasting length and girth gains. Andropeyronie; specifically designed for treating Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature using a non-surgical method to correct the penis. Androvacuum; whilst not claiming to improve the size of the penis, is a medical penis pump to help customers with erectile dysfunction or impotence. It may not offer improvements in the actual size of the penis but can be used to help with stamina.


BathMate was first created and designed by a mechanical engineer with years of experience in automated engineering and manufacturing, with additional experience working in the field of hydraulics. Together with his understanding of vacuum technology and his knowledge of hydraulics, he began searching for a healthier and safer substitute for the penis pump. His goal was not only to help men gain and maintain an erection, but also (and most importantly) to encourage sexual and penile health, confidence, and wellbeing.

Different sized bathmate pumps

How does it work?

A penis pump is expected to help a man gain and maintain an erection by creating a vacuum pressure and forcing blood into the penis. Unlike most penis pumps, which use air to create a vacuum, BathMate Hydro pumps, are water-based.

A benefit of using warm water is increased blood flow to the penis. This is due to the warm hydraulics and slow negative pressure created by the hydro pump. Users reported experiencing an overall feeling of sexual euphoria and wellbeing after using the pump just a few times a week.

Operating a penis pump using the same vacuum pressure principals, but in the water, allows equal pressure with no risk. The process is more effective, uncomplicated, and enjoyable. BathMate Hydro pump was designed to work harmoniously with the penis, permitting safe and easy daily use to maintain size and hardness. So, just like you would exercise any other muscle, the BathMate does just that…only now, you’re exercising your penis. This in turn encourages total sexual wellbeing and satisfaction. Similarly to weight training, the hydro pump shows small gains over time and needs to be used regularly for optimum results.

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DISCLAIMER:  Follow the instructional videos or training programs when using the traction devices or pumps mentioned in this article. It is important to remember you cannot rush the results and must give your body time to adjust. Every person is different and unique, and the results will differ accordingly. Choose the right product for your needs.



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