Thinking About Getting Engaged? Read These Tips Before Proposing Marriage to Her


Get the Partner of Your Dreams: Tips for Proposing Marriage

Have you started having that recurring dream about a failed marriage proposal? If so, chances are that you have love on the brain, and might be getting close to popping the question. But what if your dream proposal becomes a nightmare?

You know your girl better than anyone. You know what she loves, what she craves, and what is most likely to humiliate her and send her packing. Do you know how to combine those elements to propose marriage in a positive, memorable way?

If not, no sweat! Planning is part of the process, and rushing into a proposal is a good way to find yourself stuck with an expensive wedding ring that you can’t return. The key to proposing is to slow down and make magic.

This guide can help. Read on to learn about how to know if you’re ready for proposing marriage, and how to knock it out of the park when you finally do! These marriage proposal ideas might spark the best day in your relationship to date!

Should You Propose Marriage Now?

propose - but talk about it 1st

One of the best ways to ensure that your future wife will say yes is to be certain that you are choosing the right time to propose. You want to think about where you are in the bigger picture, and consider whether or not marriage is the logical next step for you both. That requires some critical empathy, meaning you need to think about both of your needs individually.

If you’re going to put in the work, you want to be sure that she will say yes. Make sure that you have considered the following before jumping in with both feet.

In Sickness and in Health?

When you get married, you will be pledging to support your partner in sickness and in health. Sometimes that’s less literal and means through grief, trauma, physical change, and more. Have you both experienced tragedy together and come out stronger on the other side, or has your relationship been easy-breezy?

Make sure that your partner is someone with who you can weather the bad times. You need to see each other in many different contexts and be sure that your relationship can survive. If you have only experienced happy times, it may be too soon to commit for life.

When you get married, that marriage will ideally last for life. Make sure that you are past the ‘romantic love’ stage and into something deeper. If you plan to be together for life, there shouldn’t be any rush, right?

Talk About It

It may be obvious, but make sure you’re both on the same page. If she brings up a desire to go back to school every time you drop a hint about proposing marriage, she may be trying to drop a hint herself. You need to be sure that your short-term and long-term goals align, and the best way to be certain is to have a conversation.

Are you both on the same page about purchasing a home, or having children? Does their family have culturally-driven expectations about the length of a proposal? Is she excited about marriage and eager to engage when you mention wedding rings or ceremonies?

Another hint: it’s not enough to talk about it. You really need to listen. Be sure that you’re not only listening for what you want to hear.

The Best Marriage Proposals For Unique Brides-to-Be

Truth be told, the key to a life-changing proposal is empathy. If the proposal is for her and intended to convince her to say yes, you want her to be certain that you were thinking of her the whole way. How can you use your particular brand of skills and talents to appeal to her in a way that excites and fulfills her?

A great way to come up with a unique idea is to consider her personality and her love languages. What makes her feel both energized and cared for? If you’re thinking about doing something fun or romantic why not check out our unforgettable experiences and activity gift vouchers

If you are proposing to a social bride whose friends are her world, involve them in the proposal! A brilliant groom-to-be brought his girlfriend to her favorite outdoor place, where her friends each stood with a sign that explained something that he loved about her. Her friends not only got to witness the big proposal, but they provided a built-in party!

propose and include friends

If you’re proposing to an introvert, consider something private and intimate. Many a bookish bride has been delighted to find a ring on a romantic page of a favorite book. An outdoorsy bride will be over the moon by a quiet proposal out in her favorite natural place, where she can hear your words.

The time of year that you propose can be part of the magic, too! One groom proposed in late December, knowing his Christmas-loving girlfriend would delight in photos taken in front of their Christmas tree! Brides who love the beach will delight in proposal photos taken near the waves!

Pandemic Proposal Pandemonium

If you’re stuck in lockdown, coming up with creative ideas can be harder, as you’re limited in every way. Your best bet is to keep things simple and intimate. Use the space and resources that you have to make her feel loved.

dinner proposal

Some ideas might include:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Decorate your home with photos
  • A small scavenger hunt that leads her to relationship memories
  • An alfresco proposal in a favorite nearby natural place
  • A true candlelight dinner
  • Through a romantic love letter
  • Using your pets

You know what she loves. Harness that information to make your proposal special. A small space can still contain big emotion if thought is truly put into appealing to her desires.

Plus, if the situation is intimate, there’s no reason not to enjoy an intimate celebration. You might want something special on hand for that night.

Did She Say Yes?

Whether classic or creative, the thing that your bride-to-be is most likely to remember is the effort that you put into making the marriage proposal special. Thoughtful considerations of her interests and needs will go a long way toward a successful proposal. The way you propose marriage will become part of the story of your relationship, so make sure that the story is a good one!

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