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Excuse me! (German)


Zu doof zum Scheissen [tsoo DOHF tsoom SHY-suhn]

If you are regarded as a few bricks short, you will have a rough time in Germany. In Berlin, you might be called dumm wie Schifferscheisse, ‘as stupid as seaman’s shit’, an expression which people like because of the alliteration in the double sch.You may even be told that you are ‘too stupid even to shit’: zu doof zum Scheissen. Doofhas more the vernacular sense of’dumb’ or ‘thick’.

Schlappschwanz [SHLAHP-shvahnts]

This insult means ‘limp tail’; Schwanz, ‘tail’, is widely used to mean ‘penis’, so it really means someone who cannot maintain an erection. But these days, not everyone is aware of the origin of that word and it is often used, even to and about women and children, to mean ‘weakling’.

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