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Ducati Pillion Ride at Kyalami Racetrack

9.0 Exhilirating

A fun day at the race track that's bound to get your heart pumping through your chest and give you the ride of your life!

  • Level of adrenaline 9
  • Overall cost 10
  • Equipment 8
  • Instructors 9

Ducati is a brand synonymous with raw speed, unbridled power and a list of championship wins longer than the line of traffic on the N1 during peak hour traffic. However, Ducati motorcycles aren’t exactly the cheapest toys out there, so for the man on the street there’s a good chance he will never get to enjoy the delights of this Italian speed machine. Fortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth, because for a miserly R399 you can spend an afternoon hurtling around the Kyalami race track on a Ducati – safe in the knowledge that an experienced and professional rider is at the controls, leaving you to enjoy all the speed and fun.

The race days are held normally over the weekend, and there are a series of heats where riders of different levels take to the track. Upon arriving you’re introduced to the team and then booted and suited from top to toe in fully protective leather gear with boots and a helmet. They have a truck full of gear with different sizes so everyone is catered for.

You’re given a quick briefing which goes through a list of things you’ll need to do whilst on the back of the bike. Things like squeeze if you want to slow down, keep seated straight and don’t lean etc. Once you’re comfortably on the back of the bike and ready to go: the terror begins! Being almost 6’4″ comfort wasn’t exactly something I was experiencing, and I felt particularly precarious perched on the back of this bike with my knees just about at my ears. The 1st lap was slightly terrifying as you’re exposed to speeds of up to 216kph, hair pin bends, sharp corners and other riders on the track – all while needing to keep your body upright. The temptation to lean into corners is immense, but maybe not being in control and merely a ‘passenger’ is what made this so exciting . This Ducati Pillion Ride from Mantality made for an utterly exhilarating experience.

Riding into the pit lane after the 2nd (and final lap) had my heart beating out of my chest and a huge smile painted across my face. This is definitely an experience for the speed and adrenaline, petrol head enthusiast.


  • Price: R399
  • Time allowed: 2-3 hours
  • Everything is supplied
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