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Adrenaline Pumping Extreme Experiences for Men


So very often, we feel a lull in our lives and we yearn to extricate from the monotony. We want excitement and we want to feel the rush of adrenaline. It lets us know we are alive. The courage to engage in thrilling, extreme activities is also in itself a bragging right; not everyone has the gonads to freefall from 100 meters up high.

Bungy Jumping

It is like what they say: Your whole life will flash in front of you when you stand on the brink of the platform. What makes bungy jumping so exhilarating is that you have to be the one who makes the leap. Unlike other extreme actives such as sky diving, there isn’t an instructor to give you that nudge and push when you feel the jitters and buyer’s remorse.

But there is no feeling like the sheer velocity of freefalling. For the full effect, open out your arms and keep your eyes open for as long as you can. As you hang suspended in mid air — and upside down — you will feel a sense of complete liberation. It’s little wonder why those who have tried bungy jumping cannot get enough of it. To put your courage to the ultimate test, book your bungy jump today!

Cable Slide

As the name suggest, a cable slide entails two things: being clipped to a cable and sliding down the steel cable. It sounds like child’s play, except it isn’t, not if you have to slide down a cable some 1200 ft up in the air. It also brings on the nerves because you will have no control over your body. Feel your heart rate go faster as the speed down the cable accelerates. If you’re itching for an out-of-this-world experience, book your cable slide experience now!


If you have always wanted to know what it feels like to fly, paragliding is your answer. Paragliding is essentially akin to parachuting, except you won’t be jumping off airplanes. Instead, you will take off from land, usually from high grounds. As such, the experience is less nerve-wrecking. But don’t strike it off your things-to-do-before-I-die list just yet. Paragliding rewards you with an experience t like no other activity does.

During the activity, you will be able to take in the panoramic views of the surroundings. Feast your eyes on verdant valleys and breathtaking view of the sea. There are no other experiences that will let you savor nature so close. No helicopter tours will ever measure up to this gratifying activity!

Rally Self-Drive (Bapsfontein, Gauteng)

This incredible Rally Self Drive experience starts of with an introduction session lasting about 25 minutes. We tell you all about the rules, a bit about drive-lines, rally car behaviour and then the most interesting – how to use the Route Notes for when you will tackle your first Special Stage just like a seasoned rally driver! After this, one of our specialist drivers will take you around the track to show you something about “racing lines” and point out the dangers while you try and memorize the lot

Cage Diving with Sharks (Cape Town)

Getting into the shark cage with these masterful predators around you is truly the most breath-taking experience you will ever live to remember. When feeding actively around the boat, the sharks may occasionally brush their tail against the cage, but never attack the cage. They are very curious though and often come close-up to the cage, taking a closer look at the diver. A personal, eye-to-eye encounter with this awesome animal, is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going!

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