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Fake Raw Egg – Tomato consommé and smoked cheese


For some bizarre reason, I really quite enjoy creating dishes that resemble other dishes, especially eggs. Maybe it’s the 2 part combo of faux yolk/white that work so well in so many dishes? Simplicity in a dish with a twist; even when things seem obvious, in fact, especially when that is the case. Or it could just be that I enjoy the fact that it comes in it’s own receptacle. Whatever the case, it’s something small, fun and in my humble opine, delicious.

Cut off the tops, fill with brown sugar, and you’re good to go. It also works really well to add rosemary smoke to the mix but the cheese was already smoked so…

Once you are happy with the sauce/juice, pour it off, and strain till you have a clear (and slightly amber liquid). For some added tomotoey goodness, you can put some tomato stalks in the liquid and heat. You don’t want it to boil though.

It took about 3 tomatoes to make this. Extra cooking time might be the solution. It’s pretty darn good though.

Next up is the yolk part of our eggy trickery, which is a smoked Milram cheese. I picked it more for the consistency than the smokiness but I’m really glad I did. Originally I was on the lookout for fresh mozzarella balls.

With a steak knife I slowly cut through the shell and left the inner membrane intact.

It really is pretty cool to look into an egg without it falling out.

I must admit that the scientist in me is really quite keen to do this to a fertilized egg and watch it as it grows and hatches.

This makes me so happy it almost brings me sexual excitement. And who am I kidding when I say “almost”?

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Is the appropriate response.

And there you have it: Tomato consomme and smoked cheese fake egg on nest of cinnamon.

NOTE: Make sure to wash out the egg shell thoroughly before using it for food stuffs.

© Luke Bresler – The Curious Gastronomer


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