A Guide to Fashionable Jean Styles For Men


The denim jean has stood the test of time and secured its place as a fashion must have for men and women alike. Denim jeans transcend all age, style and income barriers. A good example of this is the billionaire Apple tycoon Steve Jobs, who is rarely seen in anything but a pair of his favourite blue denims.

However, for the ‘fashionista’ lads out there who would like to wear denim purely as a style choice, it can be quite confusing when you are presented with the different styles and cuts available from your local denim retailer (or brand). The following represent the most common jean cuts for men that you will find.

Straight Leg Jeans

The classic cut. These (as the name implies) are cut with a straight leg, i.e. there is no tapering or thinning of the leg and a straight line will run from the outer / inner seam all the way down to the hem.

Style scale: 7/10

Bootcut Jeans

Similar cut to the straight leg, however the leg expands out at the hem which allows chunkier shoes to be worn with these, and will prevent the hem from ‘bunching up’ around your shoe.

Style scale: 9/10

Flare Jeans

Hailing from the sixties, this style enlarges at the hem all the way around, and may even conceal your shoes completely. Choose this style for a retro chic appeal.

Style scale: 7/10

Skinny Jeans

A very popular choice among indie rockers and musicians, this style completely tapers at the hem and will hug your leg. Wear this style with either sneakers or dressier shoes, to give you that alternative indie look.

Style scale: 8/10

Worker Jeans

This style is much more rough and rugged, and will usually come with cargo pockets and thicker feeling denim. Lace up boots, a wife beater vest and chunky jewellery would go great with these.

Style scale: 8/10

Look After Your Jeans

Although the denim fabric is a strong and incredible hard wearing fabric, care should be taken to extend the life of your jeans and to maintain its colour. Take note of the following tips when caring for your jeans:

  • Never iron your jeans.
  • The 1st time you wash your new pair of jeans, wash them alone as the colour may run during washing
  • Wash your jeans inside out to prevent fading of colour
  • Do not tumble dry your jeans. Allow them to dry naturally

Jean Labels To Look Out For

While there are many labels out there for you to choose from, before buying a pair, always try the jeans on to see how they fit (from the back as well). The following are a few premium brands to look out for that will make your choice a little easier once you are in the fitting room:

  • Diesel
  • Levi’s
  • 7 For All Mankind
  • Paul Smith

You really do pay for what you get when it comes to jeans, so make sure and invest (yes invest) in a good pair of your favourite cut / style of jeans. The difference will be in the cut, the fabric, and how they sit on you, plus a good pair of jeans that are well maintained will quite easily last you a lifetime.


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  1. The blog above is 7 years old. Has anything Changed?
    The new thing for men is denim skirts, infact any type of skirt/kilt that a guy wants to wear.
    Women wear pants, why can’t man wear skirts.
    If you start to dress as a man but put on a skirt instead of pants that dos not make you less of a man or wanting to look like a woman, you still look like a man in a skirtMan
    I,like to wear skirts because they are comfortable for the male anatomy, your male parts are not all crushed at the top of your pants.
    Any views from other guys?

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