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Cool Fathers Day Gifts & Present Ideas 2015


#WTF Mantality it’s Fathers Day already, we’ve just had Mothers Day!? No sooner did mom crack open her Mothers Day gifts, there’s now Fathers Day less than a month away. Luckily you’re a Manist reader and will be getting gift ideas right up until the Fathers Day weekend on the 21st June.

Men’s gifting is kinda what we do here at Mantality, so if you if you’re after something a little different for Dad this Fathers Day then we’ve got your back, and will make the process as easy as possible with online ordering via your smartphone, desktop or any other internet enabled doohickey you might own.

We’ve got all kinds of gifts for all kinds of dads, whether he likes gadgets, grooming, braaing, whisky, beer, the outdoors and more! We’re also giving you R60 off your gifts with a unique code that can be found under our gifts category.

Father’s Day is on 21st June 2015 this year

So what type is your dad;

The Geeky dad

Geekling I am your Father! *”darthly” ventilator exhale sound* … If your dad is the type that knows the difference between Chewbacca and a linebacker then he’s probably a bit of a geek at heart. But if he’s a not so subtle “let your geek flag fly” sort, then our geeky goodies are sure to make his bum hum. Below are a few geeky gifts to consider but have a look at our Geek Stuff category for more gift ideas.

More Geekiness


The Gadgets & Technology Dad

Show us a man that doesn’t like gadgets and technology and that’ll be a cold day in hell. For the dad that must have the latest and greatest tech-toys and gadgets, our technology category is sure to be a firm favourite.

More Gadgetry


The Outdoorsy Dad

South African dads are generally quite the outdoorsy bunch. So if that describes your dad then here are a few unique products that might be of interest to him.

More Outdoors


The Stylish & Groomed Dad

If your old man is the stylish well groomed gentleman sort, then we’ve got a ton of cool products that he’s sure to love. Whether he’s clean shaven or keeps a beard, our grooming category has a whole heap of grooming products for men.

More Grooming


The Masterchef Dad

Men love food, and the hands-on type enjoy preparing and making it too. Does your pops love being fireside: cooking and braaing; and does he fancy himself a bit of a Masterchef? Well you’re in luck, here are a few gifts he might enjoy.

More BBQ/Cooking


The Whisky Connoisseur

For those dads who appreciate the finer things in life, like a dram of Scotland’s finest – these “whisky” gifts are sure to be a hit. We stock a vast range of gifts for whisky, wine, cocktail and spirit enthusiasts.

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The Hands-on Dad

Sometimes the best Fathers Day gifts are something he’ll never forget – an experience. We have 100s of unique and fun experiences. From shark cage diving to golf lessons and everything in between.

More Experiences

Well there you have it – a few gift ideas to make this Fathers Day a little bit easier to manage for you, and a lot more exciting for dad. And remember, any gifts you buy for others on Mantality earns you points! Points you can spend on yourself or future gifts for others – the choice is yours.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Fathers Day this year!


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