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Five Real Products That Started Life On Screen


In order to maximise advertising revenue, TV and film producers are always shoehorning various products into their work, even if it adds nothing to the plot. Take the James Bond franchise, for example, where 007 can’t even take a piss without the Sony logo popping up somewhere. However, once in a while, a new product is created specifically to dovetail with the story. Occasionally, it becomes so well known that someone thinks, “Wait a minute!” and actually makes the thing. Here’s five of the best…

1: Sex Panther
Immortalised in the cult classic, Anchorman, this was a brave move by the marketers as the whole point of the cologne was that it freaking stank. Not this one though – while the creators have stuck with the retro, cringe worthy packaging, the scent is pretty damn good. And remember, 60% of the time, it works every time!

2: Cheesy Poofs
These are the chosen snack of South Park’s Eric Cartman and, as if America didn’t already have a weight issue, supermarket chain Walmart decided to sell their own version. Whether this has contributed to obesity in the US is unknown, but anyone willing to eat artificially flavoured crap that stains fingers orange deserves everything they get.

3: Duff Beer
If ever a fictional product was crying out to be realised, this was it. Often the catalyst for Homer Simpson’s misadventures and always the source of much humour, they could’ve canned French piss water with an alcoholic content of just 1% and people would still buy it. But they didn’t. Inside the iconic aluminium can is a smooth German pilsner coming in at a respectable 4.7% ABV. Mmmmmm…beer.

4: Bubba Gump Shrimp
These cropped up after the infamous Tom Hanks movie nailed the Oscars. Unfortunately, they’ve been around long enough that morons, of the type that wonder why the Heart of the Ocean isn’t on display at the genuine Titanic exhibition, actually believe that Forrest Gump charted the restaurant chain’s birth. Ah well, stupid is…

5: Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls
This limited edition ice cream, inspired by the Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy is funny for all the wrong reasons. Not, as you’d expect, for the ‘hilarious’ pun, which works for approximately ten seconds, but for the fact that humour-free organisation, One Million Moms boycotted the product in yet another “won’t someone think of the children?!” outburst. God knows what they’d make of a Cox apple.


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