Introducing the Fleshlight Launch – Now in South Africa


Lock. Lube. Lift off. The Fleshlight Launch automatically strokes your Fleshlight for you at up to 180 mind-blowing strokes per minute! The Launch is a bluetooth enhanced, fully automated male masturbator that connects to your Fleshlight. It’s battery operated and allows you to control the strokes via the buttons on the device. It’s safe to use with any water-based lube, and your favourite Fleshlight device, and is best enjoyed by men who desire vigorous thrusting. Sync it with encoded VR content for an earth-shattering experience. You’re also able to have virtual sex via interactive content and videos online. This means that interactive videos will burst to life and you’ll feel as if you’re right there as she thrusts and gyrates in your lap. This device is also compatible with other Kiiroo devices, so your partner can join in on the virtual fun too.

Sure, it’s a pricey bit of tech for Jerkin’ the Gherkin, Slapping the Salami, or any one of the other 500+ terms for masturbating). We’re not going to spin some bullshit about it being an “investment” in your personal well-being or other such sales pitch drivel. In a nutshell, it’s a high tech sex toy for those men looking to take their Hans Solo sessions, and pleasure, to a galaxy far, far away. This device in conjunction with your Fleshlight sleeve will do things to you that no hand could ever achieve. This device can also be used as a performance enhancer to help with sexual stamina – and regular practice will help ensure you’re able to go the distance with your partner.

Buy Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight ;launch in use

The Launch doesn’t come with a Fleshlight right out the box, but our deluxe kit from Mantality includes the Launch, a free Fleshlight STU and a bottle of lube to get you started.

Main Features:

  • Body-Safe Materials
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • USB Rechargeable
  • One Year Warranty
  • Delivers Up To 180 Strokes Per Minute
  • compatible
  • Regular (FREE) Software Upgrades
  • Compatible with standard size Fleshlight toys (excludes Turbo, Ice, Flight, Go and Quickshot Products)
  • Compatible with standard Fleshlight cases only: Black, Pearl, Silver, Blue and Gold.
  • Compatible with your favorite VR goggles

Interactive Content

Used it with your partner, or your favourite VR content.

You can choose to use your Flesh light Launch in manual mode and feel up to 180 mind-blowing strokes per minute or expand your pleasure into the VR world of interactive content. Used in conjunction with VR goggles you can experience lifelike x-rated content in a virtual reality. If you have a partner that’s miles away, the Fleshlight Launch is compatible with Kiiroo products: Pearl2, Esca, Onyx2 and Fuse and select non-Kiiroo devices. So you and your partner, although miles away from each other, get to experience virtual sex with each other.

Fleshlight Launch Controls

  1. SPEED. Swipe up and down to control the speed of your device.
  2. STROKE LENGTH. Control the length of the stroke for the most pleasurable sensation.
  3. MODE.  Solid blue button means you’re connected via Bluetooth. Light off means you control your experience in manual mode. Red means, charge it up 😉
  4. POWER. On or off. Solid blue is interactive mode connected via Bluetooth


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