Fleshlight Original Ice Lady Review

8.3 Realistic

As far as masturbators go, the Fleshlight is the Rolls Royce of men's toys. But then add the Ice element and the ability to 'see yourself' is what makes it a real treat. It's not going to replace your 5 knuckle shuffle completely but it's nice to mix things up a bit.

  • Sensation 8
  • Realism 9
  • Price 7
  • Cleaning 9
  • Fun 8.5
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The Fleshlight currently holds the title as the #1 Sex Toy For Men on the planet, and for good reason. The Fleshlight has to be one of the most ingenious, well designed and most realistic devices around for well, ahem.. all your male masturbatory needs.

As far as sticking your willy into a piece of well lubed rubber goes, the Fleshlight (and Ice model in particular) is an incredibly realistic sensation and is as close to the real thing as you’re ever going to find. With absolutely no post coital pillow talk required at all. Wham, bam, thank you Fleshlight pussy in a can.

Fleshlight Materials

The Fleshlight is made from some pretty high tech and advanced material to guarantee you’re getting the best sensation possible. The patented Real Feel Superskin is not a latex nor is it a rubber, is made from a special US patented compound which allows for realistic sensation, durability and easy cleaning.

The Fleshlight Ice In Action

Upon opening the package the Fleshlight inner is contained within a sturdy (clear) looking plastic case, meant to discretely resemble a “Flashlight”, with both a screw top lid and bottom. Your Fleshlight is ready to use right out the box, but it is recommended to give it a rinse and a pat down with a cloth before you slide your manhood in.

Although you wouldn’t need to use a condom, you are able to – and probably not a good idea to share your Fleshlight and I don’t think I need to tell you why. Water base lubricants are essential as oil based lubricants will slowly damage the texture of your Fleshlight.

Ready, set, go!

Once you’ve put on your favourite Barry White compilation, set the mood with some incense and candle, and seduced the packaging off your Fleshlight – you’re ready to go. A little trick is to run the Fleshlight insert (once removed from the container) under warm water, as the material will retain that heat and lend to a super realistic experience. Apply a little lube and begin to penetrate the “velvety soft Real Feel Super Skin”.

You will start to notice how incredibly realistic the sensation is – I was truly amazed. And what makes the Fleshlight Ice Lady model really neat is the transparent material that allows you to see every inch of yourself sliding in and out. A strangely satisfying and masculating experience I must admit.

The Fleshlight retains heat beautifully and as more friction is created the warmer it becomes. Additional lube may be needed if things start to get a bit sticky.

The Screw Lid Creates the Suction

Essentially the Fleshlight operates in two modes; 1) slow, deep with powerful sucking action and 2) Fast, hard thrusting – depending on how you like it. The screw lid at the bottom of the unit has air holes which allows air to escape (whilst unscrewed) while you’re pounding away in mode 2) and when tightened this then creates an intense sucking action that will drive you dilly with enjoyment. However, you don’t seem to have the best of both worlds, because you will literally “bust and O-ring” if you get a bit too rough whilst the lid is screwed on. (the ring around the top keeping the unit fixed will pop out and you’ll have to pause to put it back in).

Cleaning and Looking after your Fleshlight

Once you are completely satisfied (and still trembling at the knees) your Fleshlight could not be easier to clean. Simply run the detachable inner under warm water and leave to dry before returning it to its container – with lids left slightly open to allow air to circulate. Store in a cool dry place ready and waiting for another satisfying session. To ensure it thoroughly dries, you may run a small towel or cloth through either end.

Fleshlight Ice Lady Pros:

  • Super realistic sensation (a bit like the real thing really)
  • Deep sucking action
  • Ice model lets you see every inch of yourself
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Stylish looking (this is a hot little piece of hardware)
  • You are able to buy inserts and mix and match sensations, texture and colour.

Fleshlight Ice Lady Cons:

  • It takes a little time to get used to it and get a hand on things
  • Sometime two hands are needed to adjust lid
  • Slightly pricey for a masturbator (but it is the best in the world, literally)

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