Flirting 101: What You Should Already Know


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Showering a woman with a flirtatious gesture is one way you can show your interest in her. Innocent flirting can open up new possibilities; unfortunately, bad flirting does the converse. It will have the woman run the other way so fast before you can even finish your cheesy pick up line: “Was your father an alien, because there’s no one like you on Earth!”

There are a handful of men out there who are clueless when it comes to flirting. In this article, we highlight the faux pas most men make when picking up a woman.

Don’t Tell a Rehearsed Joke

We often hear that women dig men who have a sense of humor, and this explains why many men have immersed themselves into archives of jokes and monologues. What women are looking for is a man who is able to tickle her senses, not one with a superb memory. The funniest jokes are often spontaneous; when you reiterate a real-life parable during dinner or make a funny impression of someone you both know. There is no need to channel Chris Rock or other comedians just yet.

Look But Don’t Touch

Copping a feel will only earn you a sexual harassment lawsuit and a complimentary tight slap across the face. Most women do not appreciate physical contact with someone who is not a boyfriend or husband.

The trick here is not to get all touchy with the girl you’re flirting with. What you should do is keep a safe distance, albeit a very short one. Gently brush against her hand when taking a stroll in the park. When conversing with her, you should also lean in closely to her to show your interest. Stand behind her when she’s picking out a dress at the mall. She will be able to feel your presence, and it gives her a sense of security. Just make sure you are not about to sport an erection.

Don’t Play The Opposite

You may have heard this from your “dating guru” of a friend: Play coy and always give backhanded compliments; this way you have all the power. Take our advice: Do not heed your friend’s advice! A common misconception about flirting is that it needs to be subtle. Those who subscribe to this notion have flirting confused with “messing with her head”.

This isn’t a mind game. You want your girl to know you are flirting with her. Sending her mixed signals will only confuse her, and she may even think of you as a wuss for not daring to make the bold move. Of course, this doesn’t mean you ought to brazenly proclaim: “I will have you in bed in three hours.”

Play it up by dropping hints that you know she is into you (if you know this for a fact). Jokingly say “Hey, I’m a catch!” when she banters with you. You exude confidence when you praise yourself periodically. Confidence is a huge turn-on for the ladies.


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