4 G-Spot Positions She’ll Beg For Again and Again

While there are some sex positions out there purely designed for the man’s enjoyment, there are those specific to the needs of the fairer sex. Any girl will tell you that hitting (figuratively gent’s, no woman likes a battered and bruised g-spot) her g-spot is what will send her into an orgasmic overdrive.

Now thankfully there are a few sexual manoeuvres that pander to this much debated spot, the g-spot that is. Have a look at the following positions that, by sheer mechanics, are going to be tickling her g-spot and making her come harder than a galvanised monkey-wrench.

The Swing Sit

Support her by holding onto her arms, then rock her into you. Probably good to give your leg a hairs a bit of a trim for this one as the friction might create a sensation not unlike that of waxing. Youch!

Why She’ll Love It?

Deep penetration, with your cock brushing up against her g-spot

Doggie Style

A good old classic this one. Get a higher angle of penetration from behind her as this will help you to hit her g-spot. Try and also rock her back, with her resting in your lap – as this becomes very intimate.

Why She’ll Love It?

Everybody wins because although very primal in nature and therefore arousing for the guys this position is good for g-spot stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl

Another corker for the g-spot, plus will also will allow you to hold out a bit longer due to less friction.

Why She’ll Love It?

She’s controlling the depth and speed here cowboy, so go ahead and let her ride you like an appaloosa mustang. Yeehaw!

Intimately Detached

This is another adventurous from behind manoeuvre, meaning you’re hitting that g-spot with each pounding thrust.

Why She’ll Love It?

In addition to her g-spot being loved here, she is also precariously perched on top of furniture (or other surfaces), and could fall of at any minute so there’s a slight element of danger involved which will have her on ‘edge’.

Images: sexyfx.com

Experiment around with these and find out which is doing it for her. And don’t be scared to ask, as feedback is the best way to know how to please your women. And remember that each (woman) is different and demands your undivided attention, do this and she’ll be wrapped around your finger, or any other equally hard appendage.

Anything to add?