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Buy: EcoTerra Boombox for iPhone & Music Players


The Eco Terra Boom Box is a floating IPX7 waterproof iPhone/MP3 player case which is fully submersible in water. The Eco Terra is built with two large waterproof stereo speakers. and is powered by 4 C-Cell batteries or included AC Wall Charger. The two full-range 3″ forward firing speakers provide a crisp clean sound and can be played in virtually any position (open, closed, upright, onside, or upside down).

The internal waterproof storage compartment holds and protects your keys, MP3 player, credit cards, driver’s license and cash, keeping it safe from sand, sun and the water. The heavy duty industrial design includes a platform to vertically stand your case while open or closed. The Eco Terra also has a uniquely designed exterior pressure release valve that ensures your case is closed air tight and is easily opened at opened at low and high altitudes. When thrown into the water, the Eco Terra case will always rotate position to float with the speakers pointed up so you can always enjoy your tunes!

Waterproof: ECOTERRA is designed for use on the water and offers protection for your mobile device from the Earth’s elements.

Great Sound: The powerful amplifier and dual stereo speakers provide broad range frequency response. Powerful bass energy and crisp high notes which are pleasing to the ears.

Rugged Design: ECOTERRA is impact resistant. Use it at the beach, mountains, and anywhere you want to go.

Flexible Mounting: Multiple carabiner clip locations allow for convenient hanging options.

It Floats: ECOTERRA floats with up to 1/2 lb of your personal cargo inside its water-tight compartment.

Universal Fit: Designed to fit mp3 players including your iPhone 4/4S & 5, most Android, Windows & Blackberry.

Battery Life: Listen to your tunes all day. With up to 25 hrs of play time you won’t miss a beat. Available Here!


  • Waterproof iPhone / MP3 audio case with built-in waterproof speakers (x2)
  • IPX7 approved Weather Proof components
  • Portable or fixed play
  • Floats & Submersible
  • 25 + hrs Battery Life
  • 2x 3″ full range forward firing Stereo Speakers
  • Designed to play open or closed, upright or onside, & upside down
  • Detachable carabineer clips for convenient hanging options & hands free usage
  • Designed to fit mp3 players including your iPhone 4/4S & 5,most Android, Windows & Blackberry.
  • Internal waterproof storage compartment holds & protects your keys, MP3 Player, credit cards, drivers license and cash. Safe from sand,sun, and water
  • Design includes a platform to vertically stand your case while open or closed
  • Uniquely designed exterior pressure release valve ensures your case is closed air tight and easily opened at low and high altitude
  • Nylon belt for use with carabiner clip
  • Adjustable Carrying Handle

Size and Weight:

  • Height: 7.5” 19 cm
  • Width: 14.5” 39 cm
  • Depth: 7.75” 13 cm
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Inside Compartment: 5.2″ x 4″ x .75″

In Puts and Out Puts:


  • Powered by 8 AA Alkaline batteries
  • 25hr Battery Life
  • Includes AC Adapter Wall Charger

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