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Gadget Focus: LED Message Badge


Wearing a scrolling badge is the best way to identify or express yourself to other individuals. Really make an impression and be recognised for your uniqueness. They look really cool in the dark and great for nights out with funny messages.This customizable name badge with scrolling LED message will definitely make you stand out. It is completely programmable to say want, when you want. Perfect for portable personal advertising. Buy Here!Trying to get your point across at a trade show and need to be different from your competitors? Get a programmable Scrolling Badge that can scroll your message to your customers. Why have the boring old name tag, get the Scrolling Badge that can may you standout in a crowd. These Badges are the most advanced digital name badges available. Buy Here!

FAQ: Why are blue LED’s more expensive than Red LEDS

Answer: In most electronics such as TV’s and videos you will find red LED’s therefore there is more production of Red LED’s than Blue LED’s and hence the price difference.


  • 256 characters per message
  • Onboard Speed Adjustment
  • All functions can be programmed without a computer using the onboard programming buttons
  • Easy functional keys – very user-friendly.
  • Can easily change messages at a touch of a button.
  • Badge dimensions: 3-3/4′ by 2-1/8′
  • Magnetic holder will not tear clothes Buy Here!

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