Gadget Focus: RazorPit Teneo Razor Sharpener


Razor blades are not dull. They are just dirty. Five years of research made it possible to clean and sharpen all razor blades. Independent scientific tests has proven that Razorpit removes organic material that accumulates on the edge of the blades.

Razorpit is built on the same technology as the barber strop used by professional barbers for decades. The barber strop removes the organic material that makes a razor knife feel dull. The new RazorPit technology works with all razor blades, even cartridge, disposable and DE blades. Guaranteed to extend the life of your razor blades, and give you a sharp, smooth and comfortable shave every day. Buy Here!


  • Cleans and charpens razors
  • Removes the organic material build up on razor
  • Works on all razor blades, including cartridge and disposable blades Buy Here!

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