Goal Zero and the Adventures it will take you on!


Where will Goal Zero take you next?

Goal Zero products are relatively new to SA and are feature packed! Goal Zero has a primary focus on devices for generating solar power, and providing battery backup in remote and extreme conditions. This means they’re great for the outdoor person looking to power all manner of devices while on the go, or in areas where mains electricity is not possible. Their wide range caters for all remote power needs in any situation.


That’s a hard one to answer – so much in two words! When there were five of us sitting around a table, dreaming about what we wanted our company culture and mission to be, we kept coming back to our roots of empowering people and taking a risk in a new industry. What came out of these discussions was our mission statements: ZERO apathy – we take risks, we’re passionate about what we do and we are brave. ZERO boundaries – we don’t take no for an answer. We find solutions and create products that people didn’t even know that they needed. ZERO regrets – we work hard and we play hard. GOAL ZERO isn’t just a company, it’s a business created by people who live life to its fullest, with a shared vision inspired by the passion for adventure, respect for the planet and a humanitarian heart. We’re a company that equips families and individuals seeking to improve the outdoor experience with the most innovative portable power products on the market. Field-proven in some of the most remote places on earth, we are working to continually deliver smart, innovative power solutions that will change the way you adventure.”


I’ll answer that question with a question: how durable is Chuck Norris? No, but seriously, our products are designed to be your hero. We’ve designed the panels and power packs to be rugged and weather resistant. Our products are sent around the world to be tested in a variety of temperatures, elevation and humidity levels. We really wanted to say that the solar panel is water-proof, since we’ve seen the panels work while they are under water. But since we can’t guarantee that outcome 100% off the time, we say they are weather-resistant. The panels do fine in the elements, from rainy season in Congo to snowstorms in Everest. The panels can be scratched up, run over, left in the rain, and they’ll still charge up your gear. The power packs are also water-resistant, but should not be submerged in water, in order to prevent rust in the junction box.”

The truly great thing about the Goal Zero Products is that your not only confined to use them when you are camping or exploring.

For example there is always the possibility of a power outage, or as we all well remember, Load-shedding…. These can be used in and around your house very easily as they are all a good small size so as to not take up tons of space, you would be able to choose the item that best suits your needs as to what you would like to power. There are the generators and the solar panels which you can charge up during the day and use at night.

But on the other hand, when it comes to camping there’s nothing better than having a little light in and around your camp site, or having a small generator to keep your mini fridge cool, or to keep our GoPro fully charged and ready for the next days adventures!

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