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Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso Review


An espresso has become much more than simply a flavoursome pick-me-up here in South. An espresso is an expression of one’s sophistication, class and undeniable all-round snootiness not only due to the fact: that a decent bean operated espresso machine is roughly the same price as a new kidney on the black market (so I hear), but also because those who drink espressos enjoy not only the sophisticated aromas, but also the woody/smoky flavours not ordinarily found in other varieties of coffee – namely their vile yet abundant ‘instant’ counterparts.

Some folk, namely the alluringly-accented French enjoy an espresso anytime, anywhere. Whether that be during a break from performing an entirely spontaneous rendition of the can-can outside a French cafe (found in France would you believe), or in between sessions of kneading dough for a French baguette (which I believe the French enjoy dunking into their coffee, a bit like our tea and biscuits obsession. And having given it a go found it to be surprisingly tasty, provided none of the soggy bits drop off and find their way back into your cup only to reappear at your last sip in the form of a barf-inducing bready sludge)

The French have also come up with the world’s first hand-operated and portable espresso device: The Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso. Coming in at about the size of a bicycle pump (or a large TV remote for the more slothfully inclined) the Handpresso is a device that only needs an E.S.E pod (coffee pod) and some boiling water to give you an astonishingly good shot of espresso anytime, anywhere – even sitting on a cliff-face atop Mount Fukthisishighgetmedownatonce.

The Handpresso Review
Aside from needing a bit of work to create the pressure needed, the Handpresso is surprisingly easy to use and makes a very decent shot of espresso. All you would need is the Handpresso, boiling water, an espresso cup and an E.S.E coffee pod – found at all good convenience stores and delis. (Handpresso also now makes a ground coffee pod version, ensuring you are always getting the freshest espresso on the run)

Upon receiving your Handpresso, you will notice that it is exquisitely presented in a black (board and foam) embossed case, which slides out to reveal the Handpresso unit.

The Handpresso is a very solid and well manufactured device, and just by picking it up you can feel that is made from solid steel, and high quality rubberised plastic.

Follow these instructions to brew the perfect shot of espresso on the run.
1. Boil a cup of water.
2. Ensure the pressure valve is set to lock (up position).
3. Pump the Handpresso up to the desired pressure of 16 bar (marked on the gauge).
4. Pour boiling water into espresso cup to warm the cup.
5. Pour boiling water into the Handpresso’s reservoir.
6. Place the E.S.E. pod in place and screw the cover on and lock in place.
7. Remove water from cup and position Handpresso spout over the cup.
8. Release the pressure valve and allow coffee to finish pouring into the cup.
Once you’re done, remove the cover and throw away the spent pod and run the cover under a bit of water. That’s it! Espresso on the run.

The Handpresso has been featured in both the gadget sections of Men’s Health and Men’s Health Living; and continues to be one of those super gadgets for the man that has everything or the man that doesn’t want to sacrifice his espresso whilst being on the go.

• Buy the Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso
• Visit the Handpresso website for more pictures and a video clips.
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Edit 18.05.10: DomePod NEW (ground coffee):
After the Handpresso Wild, the small portable expresso machine for E.S.E. pods launched with great success in December 2007, Handpresso is happy to present the second version of the machine called Handpresso Wild Domepod, working with ground coffee.  Other advantage : The patented Domepod system also makes it easier to empty the coffee grounds – a simple click on the dome is enough !

As an expert or an espresso lover, what do you prefer? Arabica or Robusta coffee? Or would you rather have fair trade coffee ? The new Handpresso Wild Domepod suits all tastes ! You can become the master of ceremonies and choose the origin, the coffee grind, and the roasting you want for your favourite coffee blend. In the sitting-room or in the garden, you can prepare a premiumquality espresso to your guests just in front of them. You are the barista ! Beside offering an espresso break in a friendly atmosphere, the Handpresso Wild Domepod will also be appreciated by eco-friendly minds and thrifty persons.

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