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When Mantality.co.za got wind of a a nifty new product ergonomically designed, and exclusively for male, and as Headblade’s South African distributors affectionately refer to as “skin heads”, it was decided (and with razor sharp precision) that this innovative product needed to be available on the virtual shelves of the Mantality.co.za store. Men across the nation choose to shave their heads not because it’s a style but because it’s a lifestyle – or in the case of Jaco Engels (Blue Bull Prop and avid Headblader) an occupational essential.

So on with the review. The Headblade is a nifty innovation for those looking for an ergonomic head razor, I say ergonomic because trying to shave your head with a standard razor means you have to ‘crick’ your wrist around to get the razor sitting comfortably in your hand, as you move the razor back over your head.

Included with every HeadBlade Sport Razor purchase at Mantality.co.za you will receive a free instructional DVD. This was actually quite useful, and surprising that I even watched it as I’m very much one of those guys that will dive right in a muck everything up before even laying a hand on the instruction guide or manual. The DVD talked about beginners need to follow the grain of your head (back to front in my case) for best results. Doing this means a closer more comfortable shave. The DVD also points out that for each side of the head that is to be shaved, you must you the corresponding hand i.e. left hand for left side of the scalp.

I decided to use both a shave oil and a shave cream to soften the hair, and minimise razor burn. I also clippered (buzz cut) my hair on a “0” to trim the hair down to it’s shortest length – making things a little easier for the blades. Apply the shave cream and make sure not to put on too much shave cream as this might clog up the blades on your Headblade. When shaving with your new Headblade, make sure to use fresh blades and allow the razor to do all the work – i.e. don’t push and shove the razor over your scalp, it should gracefully (and probably unlike Jaco Engels whist ice skating) glide across your scalp. Also make sure the little wheely-wheels are flat against your nut at all times. Failing to do this will leave you with a couple of unsightly scalp nicks and having you looking like either a bar brawler or UFC legend with blood trickling down your forehead.

If it’s your first time delving into the gruesome looking world of head shaving maybe get someone to give you a hand and spot the “tufty” bits you missed.

Headblade Pros

  • Quick (total shave time 25 mins)
  • What an innovation
  • Cheap ( a little over R300 for the entire kit: Headblade, 4x Razors and HeadSlick Cream which will last a good while)
  • Fun to do (except when you’re a Harley Davidson lout, then it’s not fun it’s just essential)
  • Can also be used as an ordinary razor if you flip the blades around

Headblade Cons

  • A little small and finicky to hold (could do with being a little chunkier)
  • Beginner’s might end up with head nicks (like me, ouch!)

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  1. Nice review. It is a pretty cool and innovative product. The nicks are no fun, but hey that can happen with ordinary razors. The size is definitely a factor, though. I’d say the price is pretty darn compelling and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Gillette comes along and gobbles up this company in the future.

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