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The Hein Vosloo Survival Tool Review


Hein Vosloo of Survivor Malaysia fame and all-round outdoor and extreme survival whizzkid (a bit like our very own Bear Grylls, just with a penchant for Boerewors and Mrs Ball’s chutney), was very kind enough to take a few of’s survival tools and put them to the test. Hein not only has a staggering wealth of experience in the art of outdoor survival but is also currently finishing a survival manual soon to be available in stores.

Hein Vosloo Bio

Hein Vosloo is the man behind Survival Experience. He has worked and travelled extensively in Africa for the past 30 years. He is a former member of the South African Special Forces.

He accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge through his ventures and displayed this during competing in Survivor Malaysia,when he became the first person ever to make a natural fire on a Survivor Series

He completed his own Television Series called WOES,for South African Television and is planning exiting new ventures for the future.

Visit his website Survival Experience for course info and survival tips.

The Survival Tool Review

I have just returned from the Caprivi where I worked for 6 weeks.I used all my Mantality Sponsored Products throughout the 6 weeks and they have certainly become a part of my Standard Survival Kit in the future.

SLP 2 – Survival Tool

This is a serious, super sharp tool. The blade locks well and is sturdy. I used it constantly for everyday cutting of wood and whenever I needed a very sharp blade.The waterproof torch is definately waterproof as my knife was dumped into the Kwando River more than once.I also used the torch multiple times during daytime in dark storerooms.The fire striker on the torch works instantly. I lit more than a dozen fires with my striker and it still looks unused.I never had the opportunity to use the whistle, but I tried it our and the sound is very clear.

I would however suggest to still carry a good multitool with the SLP 2 for the best of both worlds.A good torch will also be an extra advantage during nighttime when you have dangerous animals in the area. BUY HERE


I used my cards Red Led Light almost every evening. It works well for my Stargazing without affecting my vision.The small blade is very sharp and it is very handy for making Trap Trigger mechanisms where you have to be precise.

The striker also works instantly and I lit about halve a dozen fires with my card.I never used the tweezer, but the backup was always available.Very small item which should be standard in every house in South Africa. BUY HERE


I only used the saw a few times. Twice for cutting sturdy branched for Trap mechanisms and once while installing a Geyser and I had a wooden beam in my way.The saw is very sharp and cuts very easily.I keep mine in a pouch to avoid it becoming entangled with other equipment

All in All. Three small tools, but all very well made and effective.Very good value and excellent for any Survival Kit. BUY HERE


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    where can i buy hein vosloo book on african survival.

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