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The average bachelor’s kitchen is more likely to attract flies than fly-girls, often snatching defeat from the jaws of victory when bringing the latter home for the first time. It’s hard to fathom but, when it comes to cleanliness, women are fussy creatures who will make a sharp exit if there are new cultures evolving in the washing-up bowl. A regular cleaning regimen is essential and, for extra kudos, you can always scatter the following gadgets around the kitchen. They are cool enough to raise an eyebrow without screaming that you’re a fan of musical theatre:

Vinturi Aerator

Imagine for a second that you’ve persuaded a fantastic girl to come for dinner. Got it? Good. Now, unless you’ve really fallen on your feet and snared a beer drinker, you’ll have bought a bottle or two of nice wine. Unfortunately, even for the really expensive stuff, if you simply uncork and serve, it will taste awful. Step forward the Vinturi Aerator. No more having to let the wine ‘breathe’, because this little beauty completes the process in a matter of seconds.

Click’n’Cook Spatula System

Assuming you aren’t so confident of a result that you’ve ordered in pizza, you will actually have to cook your date something. Whether it’s fish, gourmet burgers or chicken, this modular system means never having to use the wrong kind of spatula again. Of course, if you knew there was a special kind of spatula for fish, maybe musical theatre is the way forward after all!

Voodoo Knife Block

This kitchen gadget couldn’t be any manlier if it had chest hair. Razor-sharp knives, supercool styling and an undertone of horrific death. What’s not to like? Just try to resist the ventriloquist’s scream every time you remove a knife, or she will think you’re a) an idiot, or b) a psychopath.

Beep Egg

If lethal weapons and alcohol have had the desired effect, then you may well have to make breakfast too. This egg-shaped gizmo goes in the pan and, depending on your preference, measures time versus water temperature to produce perfect results. Even if you were terrible in bed, at least she’ll come back for your eggs.

Ceramic ‘Man’ Bowl

While she enjoys her breakfast, you can show her that you don’t take yourself seriously with this novelty cereal bowl. Designed to look exactly like a dog dish, it ought to bring a smile to her face; not least because most women think we are but a small step up from our best friends anyway.


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