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How To Seduce and Pick Up Strippers


It’s safe to say that any warm blooded male will at some point have obsessed about seducing a stripper, getting her into bed and having the most crazy and depraved animal sex known to man with her. While this is all well and true you do need to realise, and I generalise here, but that they are emotionally void nut jobs who have many men (and authority figures i.e. Daddy) issues to work out. However, the sexual (an emotional) roller coaster ride will be unlike that of any other women you will ever meet.

Picking up a stripper is a lot easier than your narrow minded friends will have you think, inflated egos and big spending is what she’s after most. She’ll make you shell out hundreds from your 1st born’s college fund without even batting an eyelid. They are masterful seducers and you have to beat them at their own game – however it’s not all about the greenback.

Don’t be like every other eye-humping customer

The second you walk in the door, you must give the impression you are unfazed by all the eye candy. Don’t succumb to their charms, as most men will gush when these scantily clad hustlers come over to work their magic.

Most of the girls willingly want to sit down and have a conversation before popping the question of “would you like a dance?” These are the girls you look out for, as all the others will cut through the bullshit and ask straight up if you want a dance or not. Politely decline by saying “Thanks, but I’m the kind of guy who likes a little foreplay first”, foreplay being banter and chit-chat in this case.

Try and chat to the barmen and waitresses, this again will separate you from all the other men itching to part with their hard earned dollar in exchange for some stripper attention – whereas you are there to be the friendly, social and confident alpha male which will naturally draw the girls to you.

Conversation topics to keep them interested

Find out what the gossip is. At any given strip club all the women are in competition over who gets the top dollar (or Rand) so there’s sure to be a bit of foul play along the way. Find out all the juicy details from one girl and use that to entertain and enthral any other that come to sit down and chat. I.e. “Did you know that Crystal (yeah over there [pointing]busy lap-fucking old baldilocks) is having an affair with the owner’s son?”

Mention you have a girlfriend and that you’re unsure if she would like the whole scene and how would I convince her to come and enjoy these exotic delights? This is a cracker as it already separates you from most of the other guys there who are predatory bachelors. By having a girlfriend you are already desirable to somebody else which will be a major turn on for her (the stripper) as she is now competing for your affections

Neg their appearance

Most strippers although clearly sexy and hot do have hang ups (like all other girls) about their appearance. Use this to your advantage by playfully “negging”. The sheer fact that you are not pandering to their every advance is going to make you stand out from all the other chumps that tell her how hot her tits are or how firm her ass is.

Some examples:

  • You haven’t been dancing very long? Have you just started?
  • You’re pretty good at this lap dancing thing, do you wash cars too?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Stripper Seduction

  • Don’t buy a dance from the girl you’re interested in.
  • Don’t get drunk. You’ll part with a lot more than your money (and integrity) when the evening is through.
  • Don’t take her up on her “special offer lapdance” for extra cash. It’s a con to sap you dry
  • Don’t act like you’ve never seen titties and ass before, chill out lay back and soak it all in.
  • Do find out where she likes to go after hours. Most girls work late then go party into the early hours.
  • Do tip her if you feel she deserves it. Gratuity and manners still go along way.
  • Do offer to buy her a drink. It’s the least you can do in exchange for her time with you.
  • Do get her number by punching yours into her phone and then dialling it.
  • Do wear a condom when you eventually get to lay her as these women get around town more often than the #27 bus.

The 2-for-1 Special

Strippers always make friends with the other girls (and usually have one close friend they feel comfortable with and do lesbian shows etc), this is so they can exchange gossip on what chump they milked dry in the private booth or how the banker from Central East London always gets a hard on with every lap dance – you get the idea. So get some interesting conversation going with 1 girl and chances are her friend will come and join in on the commotion and find out what makes you so interesting that her friend is captivated by you.

Follow these tips and you will have strippers seeing you not as a customer but as a guy they would love to take home and have sinfully decadent sex with. However, expect this erotic extravaganza to be short lived (get in there have your fun then leave) as these girls have a many a rich suitor with far more money and far less game, who are willing to whisk them off for weekends (in the hope of stripper sex) at the drop of a hat, plus you do not want to deal with the drama and issues that surround the inhabitants of stripperville.


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